Tailgate Protection The Plan You Need To Protect Your Event Experience

Tailgate Protection The Plan You Need To Protect Your Event Experience

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Let us run this scenario by you and see how you would react?  You have made a significant purchase to see an event like the Super Bowl or National Championship game.  Also, you have purchased your flight to the location, rented your car, booked your lodging, got the tent, ordered all the food and beverages and all of a sudden, you catch COVID-19 and everything is canceled.  In addition to missing the event, you lost all the money you spent on your Tailgate event.  We believe that you would be very upset and annoyed that you missed the event and lost a large amount of money.

Well, with Tailgate Protection, you won’t have those annoyed, upset feelings, at least over your lost travel expenses. This protection plan can cover much of the prepaid non-refundable expenses of your event!  Yes, you read that correctly. You will have the coverage and, most importantly, peace of mind if an unforeseen circumstance were to occur.

Tailgate Protection Plan
Tailgate Protection Plan

Tailgate Protection Plan

Tailgate Protection provided through our Safe Travels Voyager plan may cover COVID-19 medical expenses, along with providing benefits for other unforeseen events that could occur before or during your tailgating experiences, such as you, a family member or traveling companion becomes sick, is injured, or there is a death, you experience common carrier delays and cancellations, you are in a traffic accident en route to departure, the sporting event being delayed due to weather and rescheduled to a date when you are not scheduled to be at the location, and more!!

Expenses must be pre-paid and non-refundable, included in the cost of the insured trip and proof of payment must be provided at the time of a claim.  Below is a list of eligible expenses that Tailgate Protection may cover:

  • Event Tickets
  • Your airfare if you flew to the tailgate
  • Car rental if you rent a car for the tailgate
  • Cost of your lodging
  • The prepaid catering for the tailgate
  • Medical expenses if You become Injured or Ill while on Your Trip
  • Your rental for tent and chairs
A leading provider of USA & International Travel Insurance
A leading provider of USA & International Travel Insurance
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About Trawick

Trawick International offers some of the best travel protection products in the entire insurance industry. If a traveler, traveling companion, or non-traveling family member becomes injured or ill and are unable to travel on their departure date, customers may be eligible for reimbursement of their non-refundable trip costs. Additionally, coverage may be available for trip and travel delay if their trip is interrupted or delayed due to a covered reason. These plans may also provide reimbursement for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation expenses incurred if you are injured or sick while traveling on your trip.

We can help you offer your clients a wide variety of quality insurance coverage at great prices. Our company’s mission is to deliver superior travel and medical insurance products that provide the best 24/7 emergency assistance services available. To become a Trawick International partner, call 888-301-9289 or email [email protected]



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