Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When hiking For The First Time

 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When hiking For The First Time

Most first-time hikers will inevitably make a few mistakes; even seasoned hikers frequently do. Even with excellent research skills, some aspects of hiking can only be learned through experience.

Most first-time hikers will inevitably make a few mistakes
Most first-time hikers will inevitably make a few mistakes

Dangerous Hiking Mistakes You Should Avoid:

1. Excessive Load

New hikers often tend to overpack. They incorrectly classify everything in their line of sight as necessary because they need to learn about the necessities, which leads to this issue.

Because you must carry your backpack most of the time, a heavy pack is terrible for hiking. 

Long-distance walking with heavy loads is exhausting and not recommended. Pick durable yet lightweight equipment. Sort the items in your luggage into necessities and extras. After packing only the essentials in your backpack, reward yourself with some (but not all) luxuries if it still feels light.

2. Put The Right Gear In Your Bag

All hikers, whether they go it alone or in groups, are advised to bring the “10 Essentials,” which include navigational aids (paper maps, a compass, a GPS), sun protection, layers for weather protection, a flashlight or other source of illumination, stainless steel automatic watch, first-aid supplies, and plenty of food and water.

If you hike alone consider taking a personal locator beacon for emergencies. This small device has satellite technology to communicate an SOS of your location to agencies.

You probably will not have a cellular service when hiking. But you should take your smartphone to gain access to offline maps and other possible services. Personal Locator Beacons are radio transmitters – they don’t need a cell phone.

Watch out for these mistkaes when hiking For The First Time
Watch out for these mistakes when hiking For The First Time

3. Wearing Inconvenient or Uncomfortable Shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes while hiking is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Your shoes play a significant role in whether or not you develop blisters after the hike.

Even though they may be cozy in regular life, hiking shoes should be light enough. Pumps and flip-flops are categorically inappropriate for hiking. It’s also recommended to pick elastic shoelaces for extra comfort.

4. Lack Of Knowledge Of Map Reading Or Fundamental Navigational Abilities

You risk getting lost if you need to learn how to read a map while out in nature. You shouldn’t take this mistake lightly because it’s a big one.

When you arrive at the trail, you want to be aware of the situation and avoid going in circles.

Take the right gear When hiking for the first time
Take the right gear When hiking for the first time

5. Only Bringing Sweet Food

You may be tempted to include those delectable protein bars and candy when packing. Yum, marshmallows! However, it would be best if you continued. Sugar can temporarily boost energy (a “sugar rush”). 

An excessive sugar intake can stimulate your brain’s hypothalamus to cause thirst. Without eating anything else, excessive water consumption can cause your blood sodium levels to drop.

Additionally, sugary foods can increase cravings because they don’t fill you up. Do you not believe that after consuming moderate amounts of sugar, your taste buds grow to dislike it?

You need to eat salty foods to keep your electrolyte balance while hiking. Eat nutrient-dense foods to get long-lasting energy. Fresh fruit and vegetables are excellent for the first day of your hike.

6. Packing At The Last Minute

Packing at the last minute is one of the most dangerous mistakes you can make when hiking for the first time. Not only will you be unprepared for the physical challenges of the hike, but you’ll also be more likely to make mistakes that could put you in danger. Remember to bring essential items like a map, EDC Bolt Action Pen and compass.

Wrapping Up – Hiking For The First Time

Here are some of the most common hiking mistakes to avoid so that you can enjoy the outdoors, hikers. We have all likely made some hiking error. Leave it in the comments section below if you’ve ever created one that needs to be added to the list.


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