Make the Most of Your Last Day of Vacation with These 4 Tips

Make the Most of Your Last Day of Vacation with These 4 Tips

Vacations are fun and exciting, and though you might wish that it lasts forever, it has to come to an end. After spending a few days away from your typical stressors, you eventually have to go back to your old routine with renewed vigour. Still, a lot of people feel what could be described as the reverse of homesickness on their last day of vacation in the hours leading up to their departure from their vacation spot. Perhaps you’ve felt this yourself in your previous holiday, back when you suddenly realised that you have to say goodbye to your beachfront location and return to office work and household chores the next day. You might have also felt that you haven’t made the most of your time away from home just yet. These thoughts can put a damper on an otherwise relaxing holiday and stress you out even if you’re technically still on vacation.

If you think that you haven’t maximised your vacation on your last day, there are a few things that you can do to get rid of this feeling. Make the most of your remaining time in your favourite holiday destination by trying the following activities.

Treat yourself to a massage on your last day of vacation
Treat yourself to a massage on your last day of vacation
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4 Tip for your Last Day of Vacation:

#1 Catching the Last Sunrise during Your Stay

Start the last day of your holiday by calming your mind and being acutely aware of where you are right now and what you can still do. Watching the sunrise, for example, can help you feel that you still have an entire day ahead of you rather than running out of time to enjoy your vacation. To really get yourself into the moment, you can check the Muslim Pro app for the schedule of the Fajr on your last day. You can also visit the Muslim Pro app Facebook page to find a verse to think about for this specific moment. Head to the beach or find a quiet spot with greenery. You can use the time to practise mindfulness and express your thanks for the things that have gone right while you’re on a holiday. Approaching the last day of your vacation in this manner will help you calm down instead of making you feel frazzled because of your upcoming departure.

Revisit Your Favourite Restaurant in the Area of your last day of vacation
Revisit Your Favourite Restaurant in the Area of Your Last Day of Vacation

#2 Treating Yourself to a Massage

Travelling can be hard on one’s body, especially if you’re heading to a place with a different time zone and climate than what you’re used to. There’s a real possibility of getting body pains upon arriving at your destination and as soon as you get home since you likely have to contend with heavy luggage and plenty of walking. Soften the blow on your body before the trip back home by scheduling a pampering session at your resort, hotel, or a nearby spa. Enjoying a massage before you leave will help you feel relaxed and aid in reducing the stresses that are often associated with travelling. In addition to getting a massage, you can also get your hair done in a fashion that’s popular in the said vacation spot, or you can get your nails done, too. You can think of these little splurges as taking a little bit of the local art back to your home.

#3 Revisiting Your Favourite Restaurant in the Area

There are food and beverage items that you can only get locally or may not be easily available to you once you arrive home. If you’ve encountered a restaurant, cafe, or food outlet that you loved during your trip, your last day should present you with the opportunity to taste that special dish again before you leave the area. If there’s something you want to taste before you leave or if you want to share your favourite food discovery with the people back home, now would be the best time to buy and pack it with your luggage. Alternatively, you can also find and stock up on ingredients for making the dish before you leave, especially if there are herbs or spices that may be hard to come by once you return home. This will make it easy for you to recreate the dish in your own kitchen and share its freshly prepared version with your friends and loved ones.

Enjoy a last sunrise on your last day of vacation
Enjoy a last sunrise on your last day of vacation
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#4 Going Local and Interacting With the Community

Another way to make the most of your last day would be to explore the neighbourhood where you’re staying. As a prelude to your own return to work, perhaps you can take a closer look at the people who are working and living where you are having your holiday. You can visit local parks and public places and people watch, or you can strike up conversations with the guests and staff at the hotel where you are staying. Taking a moment to get to know the area and how its residents live can help you transition to returning back to your regular routine once you leave.

If you feel like you haven’t made the most of your holiday and it’s the last day of your stay, try these activities. Doing so can help you get a better sense of your chosen vacation spot and make you feel more comfortable with the idea of returning to your regular programming.


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