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Our pick of the top female solo traveler bloggers

Whether you’re planning your first (or next) solo travel adventure or simply seeking inspiration of wanderlust fantasies from fiercely bold solo female travelers, there’s a variety of insightful content from bloggers who detail their experiences traveling as solo females. We’ve rounded up five of the top solo female travel bloggers to follow, each of which offers useful travel tips and tricks, well-written accounts that take you to places far and wide and captivating photography.


Adventurous Kate

Instagram handle: @adventurouskate
Number of followers: 98.6K

Adventurous Kate is the blog to follow for in depth stories and invaluable advice on solo female travel. The “solo female travel blog” is arguably the one that put solo female travel blogging on the map. Adventurous Kate takes you to faraway destinations, like this small village in Croatia, which you may have never heard! Kate has been running the blog since 2010, providing first hand content backed up by years of solo travel experiences.


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World of Wanderlust

Instagram handle: @worldwanderlust
Number of followers: 607K
World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust is a solo female travel and lifestyle blog – with a luxury twist. This is the one to read if you happen to be traveling solo and checking into the Four Seasons Bali. Her content is full of go-to advice, such as this piece recommending the best places to travel solo after a breakup.

The Blog Abroad

Instagram handle: @glographics
Number of followers: 65.7K
The Blog Abroad

For well-written, authentic stories of solo female travel, the Blog Abroad delivers with an upbeat perspective on all elements, from the good and the bad, of her travels. The blog features entertaining and authentic posts from faraway destinations, and is an especially useful resource for African-American women embarking on solo travel. Check out her beautiful video of Sri Lanka for up close and personal view of this unique island.


Young Adventuress

Instagram handle: @youngadventuress
Number of followers: 202K

Young Adventuress

The Young Adventuress shares personal tales of her adventures and misadventures in solo travel, “nasty bits and all,” in her own words. Follow the blog for posts on what to realistically expect as a solo woman on the road. It’s worth a read if only just for the Solo Female Traveler’s Manifesto.


The Blonde Abroad

Instagram handle: @theblondeabroad
Number of followers: 548K

Young Adventuress

No list of solo female travel bloggers is complete without mentioning The Blonde Abroad, one of the most high acclaimed travel bloggers on the web. Kirsten left her job in finance to start what she bills as “the go-to destination for solo and female travel.” Her Ultimate Solo Female Travel Guide is packed with tips for planning a solo trip abroad, and her videos – like this one of Morocco, serve as inspiration for your next vacation. Today, the Blonde Abroad offers photography guides and IRL travel tours, in addition to her blog.

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    1. Might seem conceited to be plugging my own Kindle book but thought it might be of interest to your followers? It tells of my travels in Japan from a daily log I kept plus tips, hints and some advice. I travel alone and mostly stay in self-catering apartments. I started at age 64 and my next trip should have been to celebrate my 70th but Covid put an end to that – so I am aiming to celebrate my 71st in Japan!!!
      It’s in Kindle format because I made slideshows of each day which I uploaded to Youtube and the links are within the text.
      This isn’t about making money, I really wanted to share my love for Japan and my experience with like minded people – so it is priced at 2.99 GPB (about 12 shekels, less than $4) It’s actually free on Kindle Unlimited!
      A Golden Ager’s Guide to Japan: Alone in the Land of the Rising Sun

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