Packing tips for travelling around the world SOLO

Packing tips for travelling around the world SOLO

Travelling alone is said to be one of the most terrifying, overwhelming, and liberating experiences one can have in life, and it’s true! Remember the movie Queen, where Rani, a 24-year-old woman, goes on a solo trip after her fiancée cancels her wedding? She travels alone through Europe, meets new people, tries new things, drinks and cries and laughs, and eventually discovers inner joy, independence, and peace. That’s exactly what a solo trip can do to you, though not always in that order. Above all, going on a trip by yourself and in your own company will teach you a thing or two about yourself.

The experience will allow you to step out of your comfort zone, provoke your strength, and discover amazing cultures. 

However, going on a solo trip is easier said than done, especially if it is your first time. There is a lot to plan, from the budget to the itinerary, and the mere thought of it gives first-timers butterflies in their stomach. And before you embark on this epic journey, you must overcome one of the most challenging hurdles—packing what you need. For this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you need a sturdy and reliable bag like the Patagonia BlackHole bag. Don’t be concerned! Continue reading to get ready to go solo! We’ve compiled some solo travel tips for first-timers in this article.

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#1 Passport

Packing tips for travelling: 20 items you must pack

#1 Passport

Your passport is, of course, at the top of the list of travel necessities. Keep your passport close at hand at all times. You’ll need it to board a plane and clear customs in any country. When you arrive, you will need to show your passport to prove your age and identity. Check that it is up to date and will not become obsolete. If your passport is about to expire, you can apply for the renewal of passport online. Also, before you leave for your vacation, make sure you know what type of visa you’ll require.

There’s a trendy passport holder popular today that you can use. It comes in bright colors so you can spot your passport quickly inside your bag. Always keep it in your hand-carry bag along with other vital documents.

#2 International SIM card

When you travel internationally, most cell carriers will charge you exorbitant fees for roaming and data usage. Kristin Addis recommends purchasing an international SIM card that you can insert into your phone once you arrive at your destination to avoid these charges. When you return home, make sure to replace the SIM card with your usual one.

#3 Secret Pocket Scarf

Having your passport out at the airport causes minor anxiety. What if you forget it in a security bin or leave it at your gate? With a multi-purpose infinity scarf, you can travel without worry. They will keep you warm on your flight, but use the secret pocket to store your passport, credit cards, license, and other valuables before takeoff.

#4 Universal Adapter

Every country has a different plug type, which may differ from those available in your country, so it is always a good idea to bring a universal adapter with you. This allows you to charge your devices from anywhere in the world.

#5 Extension Cord

A universal adapter will undoubtedly solve your problem and assist in charging your device, but what if you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously? You’ll need to bring an extension cord with you. Carry one with USB ports; with this, all you need to carry are the cords for your phone, camera, and other devices.

Packing tips for travelling: Power Bank
Packing tips for travelling: Power Bank

#6 Power Bank

At some places, you won’t find any charging point, so keeping a power bank charger will make your trip easier. Choose a power bank that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. With this device, you can ensure you stay connected, and your family has a way to reach you when they need it.  

#7 Padded Bag/Backpack

You will undoubtedly require a tough carry-on backpack for your companion. Choose one with padded straps and interiors so your shoulders don’t ache, and fragile items like your laptop are safe.

#8 Passport Size Photographs

Always keep a few photographs on hand if you need to obtain a SIM card or other service in your host country. Also, read the visa form carefully to ensure you have the correct size photographs for the visa-on-arrival form.

#9 Medical kit

A customized medical kit will always come in handy in an emergency; keep pain relievers, cold and flu pills, digestive pills, bandages, tampons, and other essentials on hand.

It’s highly essential, especially if you suffer from an injury and can’t go to a hospital immediately. A medical kit can help you handle unexpected situations and provide you with relief from symptoms.

Packing tips for travelling: Item #9 Medical kit
Packing tips for travelling: Item #9 Medical kit

#10 Currency (Forex)

This is one of the most important factors in making your trip to a new destination less stressful. Whether at the airport, when buying a bus/metro ticket or tipping a taxi driver, you need money immediately. It is not recommended to exchange money at the airport or your hotel/hostel, as the exchange rate is always higher than you can get at a currency dealer nearby. Even if you plan to convert your money into local currencies, make sure you have US dollars ready as they are widely accepted worldwide.

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# 11 Ready-to-eat food

Snack bars are the best way to keep yourself energized if you are experiencing hunger pangs.

#12 Toiletries

Because hygiene is the key to good health, it’s always a good idea to bring your toiletries with you because you never know what kind of toiletries you’ll get at your hotel/hostel. Carry wet tissues and deodorant, and if you live in a sunny area, you should also keep sunscreen lotion on hand.

#13 Easy dry towel/microfiber towel

You may have a very tight schedule while travelling, and you may be going to the movies every day; drying your towels may be a problem in this case. I recommend that you purchase an easy-dry towel to ensure odor-free travel.

#14 Travel Insurance

Without a doubt, travel insurance will protect you, but what about your belongings? There is a solution: purchase a padlock to secure your luggage because they are small, fit well in the zip space, and are quite durable.

#15 Padlocks

Travel insurance will undoubtedly protect you, but what about your belongings? There is a solution: buy a padlock to secure your luggage because they are small, fit the zip space well, and are quite durable.

#16 Insect repellents

It is critical to carry and apply insect repellents, especially at night, because an insect bite can result in a fatal infection.

#17 Water Purifier Bottle

Be very selective about what food and water you consume; contaminated food or water can make you sick and ruin your trip.

#18 Swiss Knife

It can be a useful tool both in everyday life and in critical survival situations. If you are not an experienced survivalist, you need to have the right items around to be prepared for the worst. TheDrive created a handy guide to help you pick useful and durable survival gear.

#19 Umbrella/Raincoat

Carrying an umbrella will protect you from heavy rain, but make sure it fits easily in your bag; raincoats are also a good alternative to umbrellas.

#20 Rope/ Torch

A rope will be useful to you in a variety of ways during your journey. It may assist you in strapping tools and items to your backpack or clothing to carry more items while keeping your hands free. It could also be used as an arm sling in the event of an arm injury. Carrying a torch will assist you in navigating through dark areas while trekking or low-light city streets.

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Packing tips for travelling -Final Thoughts 

After reading through the list, you should feel confident and prepared to go about the packing process. Traveling light is still the key to an easy and comfortable journey.  

With proper planning, you can bring all the necessary things and not forget anything critical without feeling like you have the weight of the world on your back. So, grab your bag and start packing for your adventure now!

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