RVing in Europe vs U.S. – What You Need to Know 

RVing in Europe vs U.S. – What You Need to Know 

We have established this time and again that RVing is a lot of fun; it’s your opportunity to link with your inner self and go on exploring the wilds should you wish to. However, many people have often asked us about the differences between RVing in one region and the other. Take the U.S. and Europe for example, we have been told that RVing is different in both of these regions, we are going to explore just how they are different.

Before get started, let’s make something clear. RVs in Europe are known as motorhomes and we do love the name because it sounds very classy. With that out of the way, we are going to look at what the differences are.

RVing differences
RVing differences

RVing in Europe vs U.S. – What Are the Differences

You would be surprised to know that there are some apparent differences and we are going to explore some of them now.

1. RVs in the Europe are on the Smaller Side and Lighter in Weight

The first thing that we are going to make evident here is that when you are in the Europe and you are looking at RVs or motorhomes, you will encounter that most of them are on the smaller side as compared to the RVs that you see in the U.S. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing because the space in these smaller motorhomes is still very efficiently managed, which means that if you are wondering whether you will run out of space or not, then this a good thing to get your hands on. 

Another thing that we have noticed about the motorhomes in the EU is that they are on the lighter side. While this might not make sense to most people but having lighter vehicles can result in better efficiency.

RVing - Motorhomes are Better Insulated
RVing – Motorhomes are Better Insulated

2. Motorhomes in the Europe Come without Slides

When you are looking at the RVs in the U.S., the one thing that you will always find is going to be the slides. However, that is not something that is common when you are looking at something along the lines of the European motorhomes. Simply put, when you are looking at European motorhomes, they are without any slides.

This is often because adding slides adds more complication and manufacturers do care a lot about ensuring that the standards are being met.

3. Motorhomes are Better Insulated

In the U.S., although insulation is something that is often looked into when buying an RV, it’s still a feature that most people do not pay much attention to. The same thing, however, does not work for the motorhomes that we find in the Europe. Insulations are always a high selling point of these motorhomes and thanks to the fact that you are no longer dealing with any slides, you get some solid insulation without much to worry about, in the first place.

This is great if you are looking into overnight rv parking, because you will not have to worry about turning on the AC to the full or making other arrangements because your RV will already be really well insulated.

4. RVs are Very Utilitarian In Terms of Looks

Another thing that you should make a note of here is that when you are talking about RVs when compared to motorhomes, the latter are much more modern, sleek, and well-finished in terms of looks. This definitely is something that you will need to look into and if you have been looking to get something that actually makes sense, this definitely needs your attention a lot more than you might think.

Motorhomes are sleek, they look excellent, and they are a joy to live in for a lot of people. 

RVs in the Europe are on the Smaller Side
RVs in the Europe are on the Smaller Side

5. Storage is Handled Very Differently

When you are looking at a U.S. based RV, you realise tha the whole aspect of storage is handled by several places where you can go for storage. You have options such as bins, compartments, and whatnot. Things work differently when you are talking about something in the Europe, motorhomes have little garages inside of them and as you would expect, it’s just one section that is dedicated completely to storage, allowing you to put anything that you want.

6. No ACs, Generators, or Invertors 

The last thing might come as a shock to a lot of people but when you are talking about motorhomes in the Europe, you rarely see ACs, generators, and invertors. It’s not that the manufacturers are against these, there simply is not enough demand, to be honest. 

Considering how the motorhomes are so well insulated, the need for an AC is rarely a case. Plus, no AC means that you are saving up precious space and weight, too, which allows your RV to be on the lighter side.

Same is the case with generators or invertors. You are getting such a well-built machine that you rarely have to feel the need for all these additions. I am not saying that they completely don’t exist, they are just not as common.

RVing Europe vs U.S – Conclusion 

It is very easy to get confused when you are talking about RV and motorhomes in the U.S. and Europe respectively, but it is important to understand that the difference are there and in most cases, they work just fine so you really do not have to worry about anything as far as the logistics are concerned.

Sure, motorhomes are a bit more advanced but there are some obvious benefits to the traditional RVs as well, considering how they do deliver a more utilitarian approach, in the first place. So, always look into that before going forward with your decision.


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