The Ultimate Guide For Your Next Travel in Perth | Tourist Attractions

The Ultimate Guide For Your Next Travel in Perth

Perth is widely regarded as one of the world’s top tourist spots, with thousands of backpackers flocking the capital of Western Australia every year. Famous for its pristine and picturesque sandy beaches, huge crowd-drawers like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, and its collection of historic places and World Heritage Sites, it’s easy to see why Perth’s tourism continues to prosper, achieving record numbers in tourists. Here are some of the hidden treasures the city has to offer so you can enjoy your vacation while absorbing the local charms of the city. We hope that you find this guide helpful in getting the best experience out of your travel in Perth.

John Oldham Park – One Of The Top Spots To Travel In Perth
John Oldham Park – One Of The Top Spots To Travel In Perth


4 Hidden Gems For Your Next Travel To Perth:

Hiding right in the middle of Perth’s central business district is John Oldham Park, a welcome respite to the city’s busy life. You will seldom find people in this park, either due to its well-concealed location or the fact that most people prefer the more famous and publicized parks in Perth.

John Oldham Park doesn’t offer much in terms of activities or memorabilia, but the stunning environment, complete with a sizable side lake filled with elegant swans, can definitely capture a lovely image — making your travel in Perth a more immersive and fulfilling experience as it is in tune with nature.

It’s a great place to just unwind, play mobile games like 카지노 사이트, relax and forget about your troubles. The park is kid-friendly, too, with a number of old-school playgrounds with the usual slides and see-saws set up for your toddlers’ enjoyment.

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Garden Island

Another fun and exciting spot you should visit in your next travel in Perth is the Garden Island. Travel south of Perth for less than an hour and you should arrive at Garden Island. You can kayak or paddle from Point Peron to reach this hidden gem. However, there are time restrictions when boats are permitted to land, so make sure to take that into consideration if you’re planning to make a visit to the island.

Garden Island is ripe with isolated beaches, suitable if you are looking for a more private or romantic getaway. The island’s tranquil state is well-protected, too, as disruptive activities like jet skiing and wakeboarding are strictly prohibited.

Garden Island also houses a naval base, Stirling, where you can sneak a view of a number of actual frigates and submarines. Public access to the facility, however, is limited to certain hours of the day.

Arcades and Laneways

Arcades and Laneways is a walking tour operated by Two Feet and a Heartbeat, wherein tourists are guided across relatively unknown locations in Perth through secret alleyways in the heritage buildings. Discover out-of-sight bars, restaurants and other business tucked away through the back alleys and laneways. At the same time, you will hear stories about the city’s rich heritage, history and culture from local guides who grew up immersed in them.

The secret routes in this tour are also famous for leading into several wall art impressions and street art, giving tourists a taste of the local architecture and art scene.


Marmion Marine Park

People generally go to Perth to swim in the beaches’ clear blue waters and enjoy other water activities like surfing and kayaking along the way. However, the naturally sandy physique of Perth’s beaches combined with the sheer volume of tourists make it difficult for other activities like snorkeling and diving to be done at the more popular shores of the city. Marmion Marine Park provides a solution for that, with its underwater setup perfect for deeper-than-the-surface activities.

Located between North Beach and Sorrento, Marmion Marine Park boasts of a selection of caves, reefs, ledges and lagoons that divers can explore and enjoy without worrying about swimmers overhead. The park also houses a number of unique fish and other sea creatures for snorkelers to interact with underwater.

Perth Tourist Attractions: Bell Rapid, Visit Perth’s Nature And Meet Kangaroos
Perth Tourist Attractions: Bell Rapid, Visit Perth’s Nature And Meet Kangaroos

Bells Rapid

Although it’s not as hidden as it used to be, Bells Rapid is still one of the most underrated spots in Perth. There are various walk trails that you can try in the area, all of them leading to pretty imagery of nature. You can also have a picnic by the riverbanks, simply pick your own spot and set up your packed meals as you feel the spirit of the outdoors. There are also kangaroos present in the area, so make sure you have your camera ready if you want to take a snap.

Where To Stay In Perth? – Perth Short Stay Accommodation

Perth Tourist attraction: Enjoy The Sea Side One Of Perth’s Attractions
Perth Tourist attraction: Enjoy The Sea Side One Of Perth’s Attractions

There are more “secret” places that you can visit when you travel in Perth, but it will likely take you at least a week to get to all of them. If you are planning to stay for an extended period, you want to consider where you position yourself.

Fremantle is a port city, easily accessed from Perth, and if amazing beaches and cafe culture are your kinds of jam you might find that staying in Fremantle is the better option. Be sure to pay a visit to Fremantle in your next travel in Perth as this amazing port city offers a tropical paradise.

You can find short stay accommodation in Fremantle which gives you the option to stay in Fremantle for a few days or even a few weeks and fully immerse yourself in all that Perth has to offer. Indeed, securing a comfortable room near these hidden treasures will remarkably make your travel in Perth an unforgettable adventure!

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