Travel Apps For India | New Travel Trend Guide [2020] |

Travel Apps For India | New Guide [2020]

Owing to its beautiful nature, tall mountains, blue waters, rich wildlife and the blazing economy, India is a land frequented by travelers and businessmen alike, but little is known about the technology developed by start-ups making the travel experience that much more enjoyable. While a visit to India can be hectic and tiresome, it can also be a mesmerizing and comfortable experience with the help of a few mobile apps, making life easier while in the country. The following travel apps for India are useful for any traveller in a foreign land – be it navigation, travel, accommodation and where to dine, especially when visiting different destinations in India.

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4 Must-Have Travel Apps For India:

#1 Transport: Ola and Uber

Uber - Best Transportation App For Traveling In India
Uber – Best Transportation App For Traveling In India

Travelling within India’s cities can be a tedious task, especially with roping in auto-rickshaws which, in most cities, can charge you more than locals – or having to take a taxi which is over-priced and carries a security risk. The solution is a simple in using Uber and Ola as these services ensure there are cabs always available for hire, run by a predetermined price. They also provide location sharing, thus ensuring security in a foreign land, and the driver assigned to you has a user-rating given to him by a combination of his previous passengers, for further reassurance.


#2 Travel booking: MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip - Best Booking App For Traveling In india

                                                                                 source: MakeMyTrip – One of the best travel apps for booking hotels and flights

Traveling between the hundreds of cities, towns and villages of India can be challenging if you don’t know how or where to book your tickets from. In the land of a billion people, it can become impossible to find yourself a reserved ticket for traveling, but MakeMyTrip has a solution for all your travel needs. The service provides all the possible combinations of flights, trains or buses between your source and destination cities. As a bonus feature, you can also book your hotel reservations on the website; plus you have access to discount coupons and cashback for being a frequent user of their service. Travelling in Train is also a great experience anyone visiting India for the first time.

Don’t misss out on the folloing 2 great travel apps for India:

#3 Accommodation: OYO/ZO Rooms


OYO - One of the best travel apps for India
OYO – One of the best travel apps for India

The most relaxing part of the day when traveling is at night, and the perfect place to rest you head ensues you are well rested for the adventures to follow. There’s a wide variety of room choices around cities and towns in India, which aren’t well known. OYO/ZO has made finding the best rooms, at affordable prices, possible, in and around your choice of location. They offer rooms for all purposes – pocket friendly, business and also luxury. Featured accommodation is both safe and hygienic and the best part about staying at one of the places is the chance to meet other like-minded people also on their travels.

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#4 Food and Cuisine: Zomato

Zomato - A mut-use travel food app for India
Zomato – A mut-use travel food app for India

                                                                                 source: Zomato – Use this travel app to find the most recommended restaurants in India

Everyone craves for food, be it Italian, Chinese, Mexican or Indian, and when you are in India, you don’t have to go into restaurants to view menus or find the best options around you as Zomato does it all for you. The app shows all the restaurants within your present location, based on the filters you set for the type of cuisine and the price range. The best part about the service is its selection of local restaurants which have all been rated by the customers, helping you set your expectations accordingly.

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