Travel and Study -4 surprising ways to combine education and traveling

Travel and Study – 4 surprising ways to combine education and traveling

Remember your feelings during the last week of your holidays? You may dream about a big trip sitting in a library or class. Luckily, traveling has become closer than it was 20 years ago. Obviously, the first thing that may come to your mind is to turn your education strictly online and take a worldwide trip. But to make it possible, you need money. Not every student can afford both traveling and paying for college. That’s why we are here! We will tell you how you can combine travel and study for free or on a small budget. Intrigued? Let’s go!

travel and study for free
Travel and study for free

Try Out Student Exchange Program

Do you wish to try out a role as a student in Seoul or Barcelona? There are diverse exchange programs when you switch places in your university with a student from another country. What does it mean? The program will allow you to spend a summer or a semester abroad visiting museums, enjoying the culinary scene, going to the beach, and more. Besides, universities offer some students a place in their institution, so don’t skip a chance to earn a degree in another country.

The destination will depend on the course you attend in your college. Along with the study, you may be involved in volunteer work to make a contribution to the local community while studying at a foreign university. It’s a good chance to develop an understanding of social issues, explore the challenges of globalized cities, and learn more about the culture while gaining intercultural experience and improving personal skills.

What should I do if I want to take more time for city exploration? How to make more free time? The answer is simple; you can shift your essay writing tasks to expert writers. All you need is to place an order with requirements and be sure you will have completed the work before the deadline. Enjoy your journey without thinking about homework and stay closer to another culture without any doubt.

How to find exchange programs

There are a lot of services like ISEP that offer support for students that wish to take part in exchange programs. Also, you can visit the websites of colleges you are interested in and find information about exchanges there or make an inquiry. Such programs are quite affordable, as you continue paying for your college and housing expenses like you still study at home. Additionally, you will need to pay for the flight, visa, insurance, and some other fees connected to your shift to another country.

Volunteer - A great way to travel and study
Volunteer – A great way to travel and study

Search for Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Let’s mention that volunteer programs are great for those who are not afraid of work. It’s a great chance to build strong communication skills, develop your interpersonal skills, and gain work exposure. It’s a great opportunity to find new friends, visit new places, learn new languages and have fun.

Volunteering programs involve students in constructing and repairing buildings affected by disaster or time, taking care of children in childcare and orphanage projects, teaching kids, improving social services and healthcare, helping animals, and more.

How to get into volunteering

Some programs aim solely at medical students specializing in nursing, dental, and physiotherapy. Also, you can find volunteering opportunities if you study sociology, international relationship, and management. Check volunteering websites like Volunteering Solutions, Study abroad, and others. Besides, if you are into gender studies, you can attend educational projects connected to improving women’s lives in Latin America, India, Asia, and Europe.

In most cases, volunteering organizations will cover transportation expenses, meals, and accommodation. The length of your trip may vary from weeks to months, but usually, it meets the periods of summer and spring breaks.

Travel and Study – Enroll in College Overseas

There is a stereotype that education costs arm and leg. But many colleges and universities offer free education or take some fees like using college libraries, administrative fees, and other side services. Also, consider the fact that some colleges won’t have programs for English-speaking students, and you will need to learn the language of the country you are going to.

Becoming a student in another country for several years may become a fascinating part of your life. You will have a chance to dig deeper into another culture, mentality, and customs. It’s a fact that the older you are, the more time you need to get used to a new place.

Travel and Study - explore your roots with Taglit
Travel and Study – explore your roots with Taglit

Where to find opportunities for studying abroad

Look through options in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Latin America, and Norway. For example, Greece offers free education for non-resident students. Moreover, the government assures accommodation and lodging.

Besides, if you consider exploring Asia, China’s government provides scholarships for non-resident students yearly. Educational programs are taught in English, but you will need to attend additional classes in Chinese.

Also, take a look at Singapore. It’s a great place where western and eastern cultures come together. Moreover, the price of education and the cost of living is much lower than in Europe. The Singapore Ministry of Education provides financial support for students that wish to join the following institutions: Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. Look through various official websites of universities to find out more information about tuition grants and service support for non-resident students and requirements.

Explore Your Roots

Did you know that some countries offer tours for those whose ancestors were born in those countries? For example, if your grandma is Jewish, it means that you have Hebrew roots. If it’s so, we have good news for you! You can go on a trip to learn your genealogy and learn more about the country of your origin. Such trips are also known as birthright programs. Some of the programs are completely free, while some will cost you money.

How to find a program

Taglit. It’s a chance for young Jewish adults to visit Israel for free. Visit Tel Aviv, Masada, the Western Wall, and more. You will get in touch with the Jewish culture, unique people, and Jewish values and explore the history of Israel. The organization will take care of transportation, accommodation, tours, food, and flights. All you need is to pick a program and send an inquiry. The Government of Israel sponsors the project to improve Jewish identity and spread solidarity with the Jewish communities.

Reconnect Hungary. This program is for U.S. and Canadian citizens with Hungarian routes aged between 18 and 28. If you want to visit Hungary, get accustomed to its history, and feel how it’s to be Hungarian, this program is for you. The length of the journey may vary, depending on the program you choose. The program is paid, so you will need, on average, $2000 for the trip.

Heritage Greece. If your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents are originally from Cyprus or Greece and you are a U.S. or Canadian citizen, you have a possibility to join the program. Check out the details on the official website. Consider that the program is not free.

If you have chosen a program that costs some money, you can ask your friends and relatives to make you a birthday present or ask organizations to sponsor your trip.

Wrapping Up – Travel and Study

Luckily, we live in the era of online education, various exchange programs, and foreign language courses. You can easily have the maximum amount of traveling while studying at college. Pick the most suitable variant and go on an adventure!


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