Travel Music: Get the Best 50 Songs Ever For Your Road Trip

 Travel Music: Get the Best 50 Songs Ever For Your Road Trip 

Music washes the soul with waves of inspiration and a sense of belonging. No matter which mood you are in, it can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. From the groovy jazz to the mind soothing heavy metal or the soothing country music to the insatiable rock genres, there is music for every person out there. 

You can never be lonely as long as you have music as your companion. And they can magically transform your mundane routine or any activity into a full energy-packed and thrilling adventure. 

One fine example of such a situation is traveling. Every road trip is incomplete without a perfect playlist of travel music to add to your adventure and teleport your psyche to another reality. 

So without any further delay, we are presenting you with a list of the best 50 songs ever for the road trip that you can include in your playlist as travel music to stir in excitement and fun in your journeying: 

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Tavel Music our best 50 list

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Travel Music our best 50 list


1.      Highway to Hell, by AC/DC 

As suggested by the name itself, this hard and blues-rock will power boost you and your passengers’ adrenaline levels. One of the perfect songs to listen to as travel music while being on a road trip and make your journey thrilling. 


2.      Crazy Train, by Ozzy Osbourne 

This Heavy metal and classic rock song will leave you baffled with its crazy guitar rift. Blessed by Osbourne’s powerful voice, you can expect to feel excited and in a groovy mood when this song hits your music system.     


3.      Let’s Groove, by Earth, Wind & Fire 

What could be better than a post-disco and funk song to add more flavor to your travel music list? This all-time favorite classic song is hard to let go by anyone after listening to its addicting and cheerful beats. 


4.      Dancing in the Streets, by Mick Jagger & David Bowie 

This legendary disco-rock duet covered by two iconic rock artists is one of the most songs that should occupy a special place in your playlist, especially as a part of your travel music collection. 


5.      Mambo No. 5, by Lou Bega 

A song reflecting the vibrant youth of men and women, this pop-dipped song is a great companion to accompany your music system during your adventurous road trip. 


6.      Jailhouse Rock, by Elvis Presley 

Elvis Presley It would be a shame to leave behind this flawless disco-rock music of the King himself. The song is a perfect example of a piece that can be enjoyed in any situation, be it a party, a daily event, or the best of all, a road trip. 

 7.      Come On Eileen, by Dexy’s Midnight Runner 

This song is an example of what good music is. Tune in on your music system and see how your journey becomes a memorable event as you match your way on the road with its unforgettable music. 


8.      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by Cyndi Lauper 

 A memorable pop song in the music world, gear up to relish your road adventure with Cyndi’s catchy voice as she sings about fun and enjoyment in one’s life. 


9.      Bad Medicine, by Bon Jovi 

Bon Jovi is known for adding fire to the lyrics he sings. This craftily engineered rock song will leave you bopping your head to its amazing beats. A must include a song for your travel music indeed. 

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10.  Another One Bites the Dust, by Queen 

An old mixtape with travel music written on its label.
“An old mixtape with travel music written on its label.”

Let the Queen themselves guide you to an electrifying road trip with this classic rock song. Whether you have heard this song before or not doesn’t matter, because it will easily charm you each time and leave you as a fan of its perfectly synchronized tones and music effects.  

11.  Night Fever, by Bee Gees 

This easy listening vocal song will mesmerize your road trip with beautiful and soft feelings. A splendid companion to add to your travel music list for your long journey. 


12.  Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina & the Waves 

We cannot forget the sensational pop-rock hit that took the whole world apart with its upbeat tunes and a fun theme. Do not forget to include this masterpiece in your travel music bucket.   


13.  Dancing Queen, ABBA

 It’s hard to find a person who isn’t fond of this timeless pop song. It makes for a spot-on composition to listen to as travel music while you are journeying on the road. 


14.  I Love Rock n Roll, by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 

A hard rock that fits precisely into every environment? This song right here is the answer to a tune that you will find impossible to skip on your road trip. 


15.  I Want You, by Savage Garden 

This beautifully composed pop song is made to bring a smile to your face whenever you hear it. A fantastic choice for your travel music. 


16.  Holy Diver, by Ronnie James Dio 

Once this hits your music system, expect to feel like a badass on the way to conquer the world. Nothing beats this heavy metal song that can intensify your simple road trip into an exhilarating journey. 


17.  Walk Like an Egyptian, by The Bangles 

Feel like a traveler voyaging on a quest to discover the secrets behind the mystic lore of Egypt with this pop-rock song. No matter the place or event, it deserves a special spot on your travel music list.   


18.  Stayin’ Alive, by Bee Gees 

Bee Gees Another timeless and one of the favorite songs from the disco and easygoing vocal, this song will mesmerize and charm your road trip whenever it will be played on your music system. 


19.  Shine, by Mr. Big 

This band is known to produce works that stay with you for a long time, especially this particular work. Shine is one of a kind rock song that only grows in your heart as you keep repeating it. A beautiful and melodic tune, this heartfelt song will fire up your road trip. 


20.  The Adventures of Raindance Maggie, by Red Hot Chili Pepper 

The bass stands out and gives this fun and alternative rock song a classy and stylish edge. What’s better is you might not even realize how it will slowly climb up as your favorite song and not just be limited as travel music for you. 

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21.  Roundabout, by Yes 

This progressive rock genre song is something of a mystic creation. With cheerful and hard-to-miss music, you can play it on repeat on your road trip and forget everything around you while being drowned in its magic.  


22.  Ocean Man, Ween 

While you might not be necessarily going to the ocean, but this song fits perfectly for road travels. It is a classic banger that will only amplify the fun of your journey and give you a happy feeling throughout the way. 


23.  Immigrant Song, by Led Zeppelin 

Talking about fields and lands of ice and snow, you cannot miss this Viking metal and hard rock song on your journey. There cannot be a song as flawless as and more apt than this masterpiece for your travel music playlist. 


 24.  Loco-motion, by Little Eva 

This delightful and notable classic makes for perfect travel music while you are looking for something to set your mood during a simple road trip.  


25.  John Wayne, by Lady Gaga 

Grab on to your seats when Gaga arrives on your music system with this pop-rock blasting and setting everything on fire. A badass song with catchy rifts, you cannot miss listening to this while having a road journey. 


26.  Back in Black, by AC/DC 

Another hard rock song, this particular one is notoriously popular for being a favorite choice by music fans across the world to spice up their daily routine. And that’s why this gold is what you might be needed in your travel music collection. 


27.  Come With Me Now, KONGOS 

This rock song is a must for adding to your travel music bucket if you want to add spirit and enthusiasm to your road trip. 


28.  Do I Wanna Know, by Arctic Monkeys 

This song won’t fail to make you feel like a badass rider who’s on the way to blow things up with every beat! Nothing could be better than this fine piece to listen to while traveling. 


29.  Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendrix 

Jimi Hendrix Hendrix was a guitar genius and a legend in the rock world. If you are looking for a song that will recharge your trip, go for this one right here. 

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30.  Celebrity Skin, by Hole 

With simple lyrics and a classy voice, Courtney won’t disappoint you with her powerful delivery with this dynamic rock tune. 


31.  Don’t Matter Now, by George Ezra 

A perfect example of a country, horns, and guitar acoustics mixed with a song talking about letting things go and enjoying your life. This song is a perfect match for your travel music list. 


32.  Seven Nation Army, by White Stripes 

A total masterpiece in terms of rock, and alternative indie, this breathtaking song will hit you with a welcoming feeling of power, excitement, and adventure as you will play it on your road trip. 


33.  Scary Monsters, by David Bowie 

If there’s one song that will make you feel like rocking on the road, this is it. Sounding scary by its name, it is a post-punk and art rock that will dazzle your journey with Fripp’s guitar lead and Bowie’s magical voice. 


34.  Shotgun, by George Ezra 

See you later, alligator! George had composed this song as a memory tribute to his European trip. And that makes it all the best choice for counting it as a part of your travel music playlist. 


35.  Come and Get Your Love, by Redbone 

This pop song will drape you with a cheerful and relaxed feeling as you will cross the valleys, forests, and beautiful terrain throughout your road trip. 


36.  1999, by Prince 

One of the most loved songs by Prince that made everyone a huge fan of him; you can rely on this rock genre beauty to set your mood just right on the trip. 


37.  Call It What You Want, Foster the People 

Indie and alternate songs are the souls of travel music. And this piece fits the criteria of a fun and cool road trip song perfectly with its carefree tone and easygoing vocals. 


38.  Everybody, by Backstreet Boys 

Backstreet Boys Flare-up your speakers as your music system is hit with this classic favorite from the Backstreet Boys. Once you listen to it, it’s gonna be hard to put it down again. 



39.  One Way or Another, by Blondie 

Do not forget this all-time cherished rock song if you’re getting ready to hit the road in your vehicle. Its engaging and exciting music and vocals are the reason why rock fans are hooked to its beats. 


40.  The Politics of Dancing, by Re-Flex 

This song has been a disco rocker for a long time. Play it on your music system on your journey and you will see for yourself why it’s addicting to listen to. 

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41.  You Spin Me Round, by Dead or Alive 

If we are talking about travel music, it’s hard to ignore the original dance and rock spinning right round beat that took the internet and the music world with its crafty engineering. Let Pete Burns make your trip extraordinary with his fantastic and bold delivery. 


42.  Take Me Out, by Franz Ferdinand 

A mixture of punk, art, indie, and rock, you can imagine how flabbergasting it feels to listen to this piece of music while you’re on the road. A definite must for your travel music collection indeed.    


43.  That’s The Way, by Katrina & The Waves 

People sleep on this delightfully crazy pop-rock song. Its beautiful music and fiery vocals are something that will make your hair stand up in pleasure. You’re missing something if you’re not listening to this beauty, especially while traveling 


44.  La Macarena, by Los Del Rio 

Make your road trip more exciting with this Latin dance-pop. A perfect song to enjoy with your friends and companions, it is a fun choice that you can include in your travel music collection.  


45.  Whenever Wherever, by Shakira 

This is a rare gem that has been the heartthrob of music fans around the world. With its upbeat tune and lovely vocals, this song of Shakira is something to look forward to each time during your road trip. 


46.  Love Train, by The O’Jay 

This wholesome disco R&B song will leave you feeling excited and nostalgic at the same time. Its clever Philly soul genre is another reason why it should be a part of your travel music songs. 


47.  Smooth Criminal, by Michael Jackson 

Michael Jackson Talking about travel music and leaving behind the King of Pop? Not possible! Nothing can beat this pop-rock song in terms of delivering entertainment like this one on your road trip. 


48.  Easy Lover, by Philip Bailey, Phil Collins 

When rock gets mixed with dance-pop, you get a song as catchy and unforgettable as this one. You can easily rely on it to make your road trip more enjoyable and fun-filled with its amazing composition. 


49.  Quiet life, by Japan 

This beautiful synth and art-pop is a mood setter during road trips. You can expect to find a different kind of solace in the song’s soothing vocals and experimental tunes.  


50.  Oh No, by Marina 

Nothing could be better travel music than this widely acclaimed pop song. Just play this in your car or your music device and you are ready to hit the road feeling enthusiastic and jovial with its fun tone. 

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Although the list ends here, you can always explore so much in the music world and add a variety of songs from different genres to your travel music playlist to spice up your road trip. Perhaps there were some of them that we might have missed, or there might’ve been some songs from your collection that you were expecting to see here. But the playlist is purely up to you. We just gave you an idea about some of the greatest travel music songs that you can include. Now, it’s your turn to create and compile a playlist of your own. And then hit the road with your buddies to have the time of your life on a heartfelt journey. 


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