How to Put Together the Perfect Travel Wardrobe

How to Put Together the Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Each time you travel, there are many different aspects you need to consider while doing your preparations, such as where to stay and what to bring. If you’re going to Singapore, for instance, should you book hotels near Singapore Airport or those closer to the usual tourist destinations? How much cash should you have on hand if you’re planning on backpacking around Europe? What are the local cultures like in your destination countries, and how do you ensure you don’t stand out in a bad way?

Wherever you’re planning on going, though, don’t forget one of the most important things for your travel wardrobe: the outfits you’ll be packing. For one, you’ll want to pack items that will let you freely move around so you can stay comfortable as you go from one place to another. For another, you’ll also want clothes that look stylish so that you’re always presenting your best self in your travel photos.

Don’t have any idea where you should start? Worry not. Read on for a few practical tips that should help you get started on assembling the best outfits for your upcoming trip.

4 Tips for the Perfect Travel Wardrobe:

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4 Tips for the Perfect Travel Wardrobe:

#1 Look Up the Weather Forecast for Your Destination

One of the first things you need to consider when building your travel wardrobe is what the weather will be like once you arrive at your destination. In fact, this single factor can make or break exactly what kinds of clothing you should bring with you.

Will the weather be rainy or sunny? Do you need to bring a couple of pieces of outerwear? Will you need a few key accessories to shield your face, scalp, arms, and legs from the warm sun? Does the weather fluctuate from day to day in your chosen destination? These are just some of the questions you’ll be asking yourself as you assess what clothes would be most suitable for the weather conditions at your destination.

#2 Choose Clothes Made Out of the Appropriate Materials

After finding out what weather to expect at your destination, choose clothes made out of the right type of fabric based on that information.

For example, if you’ll be travelling to a place with a hot climate, make sure to pack clothes made out of cotton or linen so that you can stay cool and breezy. Cotton and linen are well-known as two of the most breathable fabrics available and are commonly used to make garments appropriate for hot or humid weather. Additionally, these fabrics are lightweight, so they won’t feel heavy on your body, either.

On the other hand, if you’ll be heading to a location with cold weather, then you should definitely pack thick clothes that can keep you warm all day and night. Clothing pieces made out of wool or fleece are some of the best options you can invest in. If you need something that isn’t too bulky or heavy, it may be a good idea to bring a light down jacket instead.

Travel Wardrobe: Down Jackets
Travel Wardrobe: Down Jackets

#3 Consider the Activities You’ve Got Lined Up

The next things you need to consider are the specific activities you’ll be doing on your trip. To start, the most basic question you should ask is this: are you travelling for work or leisure?

If you’ll be travelling for work, such as attending a convention or symposium, then you’ll need to include a few professional outfits that are appropriate to wear in business-related contexts. You may also want to pack a handful of fancy outfits for networking events or more formal social occasions, as smart casual or casual clothes may seem out of place in these situations.

If you’ll be travelling for leisure purposes, determine what activities you’ll be engaging in. Are you going to be exercising or engaging in intense physical activities often? Will be you swimming at the beach or a pool? Are you going to go bar-hopping at night? Are you planning on visiting historical sites or landmarks?

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Travel Wardrobe - Will be you swimming at the beach or a pool?
Travel Wardrobe – Will be you swimming at the beach or a pool?

#4 Go for Neutral-Coloured Clothes, Whenever Possible

Do you always pack a lot of clothes in your luggage but still feel like you don’t have anything decent to wear? If so, you may be bringing the wrong clothing pieces with you. To be more specific, you’re probably choosing items that either stand out too much or visually clash with each other.

To help you effortlessly put together stylish outfits during your trip, try packing only clothes that come in solid neutral hues such as black, grey, white, beige, and navy blue. Compared to other colours—such as bright or neon ones—neutral hues are much easier to mix and match with each other. So, by sticking to a neutral colour palette, you won’t have to think too hard or spend too much time sifting through your suitcase looking for clothes that you can pair with each other.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to narrow down your travel wardrobe choices. But as long as you follow the tips we’ve shared above, you’re sure to have no problem putting together the perfect travel wardrobe, no matter the destination or purpose of your trip.

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