UK with Kids: The Ultimate List

UK with Kids: The Ultimate List

The United Kingdom remains one of the most popular tourist spots for millions of people all over the world. If you would like to visit this country with your kids, there are plenty of brilliant places you can visit together. So, it’s time to plan an amazing journey!

UK with Kids - London Eye
UK with Kids – London Eye

UK with Kids – Check out our Top reccomedantions

Top Things To Make Your Vacation Unforgettable 

The most important thing you need to do before going on a vacation is to complete all your daily tasks and routines. Prepare the documents, do all the needed household chores, and make sure to cope with all your working and business tasks a bit in advance.

You will also need to help your kids, too. Not only should you manage the list of clothes and things they would like to take, but if you go for a long vacation you should also make sure they successfully complete all their academic assignments. There are services that can help your kids such as reading 100% free essay samples or even checking options that are not 100% ethical – allassignmenthelp review but maybe be time efficient. You can go always for the long version and tutor them yourself – it is completely up to you. Now, let’s explore the best places you can visit in the United Kingdom with your children. 

Warner Bros Studio 

This tourist spot is one of the most popular attractions in London among families with kids. The reason is that many children are fans of Harry Potter and dream of seeing the magical environment with their own eyes. Warner Bros studio will give you an opportunity to dive into the world of magic, explore fantastic creatures, and even find real treasures!

At first sight, the studio might seem like a too busy and crowded place. However, it truly deserves your attention. Get ready to spend about three hours inside to see all the exciting exhibits. Although the entrance tickets might seem a bit expensive, we highly recommend paying for an audio guide, too. This simple trick will make your visit unforgettable. 

Not to mention, even if you are not fond of books or movies about Harry Potter, you will still likely enjoy an excursion and discover many unknown facts about the studio. 


If you prefer visiting parks and like outdoor adventures, this well-known forest park might be one of the most memorable places for your family. If you don’t want to stay in London for the entire vacation, it’s time to visit North Wales with its astonishing nature and attractions. 

This park is a fantastic place to visit for families with kids aged 0-12. You will find plenty of attractions for children of different ages and will have a chance to try climbing, riding, and different kinds of sports. By the way, outdoor fun is surely good for your kid’s health.

UK with Kids - visit Harry Potter Amusement Park
UK with Kids – visit Harry Potter Amusement Park


Warwick Castle 

This castle is one of the most beautiful ancient buildings in the entire country. Each year, the spot attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, and here is why. 

First, it is amazing with its size and top-notch architecture. Second, it boosts your imagination, making you think about the knights, princesses, and battles that took place hundreds of years ago. Third, it is an excellent place to find adventures for each member of your family. 

So, what can you do in the castle? It is highly recommended to have an excursion to the castle and nearby. Children and teenagers can also gain some skills in tactical defense in the form of role-playing. 

If you visit the UK during winter, you will find a huge ice rink right near Warwick Castle. Moreover, spectacular ice shows are also held during winters and cold autumns.

Camera Obscura 

This place will amaze your kids with countless illusions and almost true magic. It contains countless exhibitions located on five floors. Camera Obscura is a fantastic place to visit for kids and teens of all ages, as well as it will be incredibly entertaining for their parents. The exhibition contains dozens of visual effects, mind-blowing illusions, smoke, funny mirrors, tunnels, and different hidden challenges. According to the visitors’ reviews, this place is a perfect spot to visit with kids of school age. 

Chester Zoo 

Can’t imagine a family trip without visiting the zoo? It’s time to go to Chester Zoo, one of the most well-known zoos in the country. First, it has dozens of wild animals you can’t see in other popular places. Second, the area of the zoo is so huge that you can even take a boat and have a ride between countless islands! Playgrounds, cafes, and other places of recreation can also be found at the Chester Zoo. Make sure to dedicate the whole day to visiting this popular place.

Museums for kids

#1 Science Museum 

An excellent and interactive museum spanning five floors that includes exhibits on aviation, space exploration, communication, photography, food, ecology, energy, the human body, computing, and more.

#2 Museum of London

A museum portraying the history of London. The museum can be suited for adults as for kids of all ages. If you go with kids preparation and the right choice of exhibits will do the trick

#2 Natural History Museum

A popular interactive museum that includes millions of exhibits in five categories: botany, entomology, geology, zoology, and paleontology.

#3 London Transport Museum

A great museum showing the history of public transportation in London. Defiantly a fit for byes that like everything on wheels.

#4 Victoria and Albert Museum

The museum claims that visitors enjoy the power of creativity. It portrays art and design for the whole family

UK with Kids The Takeaways

UK with kids can be a great vacation. You will need to pick and plan in advance in order to know exactly what you do every day as we know kids get cranky very fast.

Expand your research also beyond this post blog in order to find your kid’s preferences to pinpoint to perfect vacation for your family.


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