10 apps for millennial travelers | The ultimate app list for better planning

10 apps for millennial travelers | The ultimate app list for better planning

Traveling is arguably easier than ever before, with your next vacation planned and booked in just a few clicks. Technology’s role in simplifying the travel process is even more efficient through the wide availability of mobile apps on the market. According to Statista, over two million apps are ready for download from the Apple store alone, with a huge selection for the travel market. See how millennial travel is going be fashioned by tech and apps.

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Millennial travel – 9 best travel apps

For the young savvy traveler of today, here’s the top nine apps you need for staying on track, saving money and discover local secrets.

#1 Eventseeker travel app

Never miss a beat with the Eventseeker app, designed for you to discover new songs, bands, and musicians to stream through your Spotify account. Users can also search for festivals, nightlife, theater, sporting events and more within a specific area to figure out plans on the go.Eventseeker traver app for mellinnials

#2 GenFriends app

GenFriends app
GenFriends app

GenFriends is a sleek application for booking luxury hostels throughout Europe and currently Maimi, which connects users with likeminded people through social events and shared spaces. Users can also make contacts through the app, chat with others on the go and join up with groups to explore cities.


#3 RoadTrippers – Travel planning app

RoadTrippers - Travel planning app
RoadTrippers – Travel planning app

Heading to the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Then RoadTrippers is a must for your smartphone. The travel planning platform features millions of adventurous road trips and unique locations. Users can select a route, plan stops along the way, and share their journey with friends. The app also has the option to book a hotel and save places of interest to visit later.

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#4 Timeshifter helps against jetleg

Wave goodbye to jetlag and adjust quickly to new time zones with Timeshifter. Developed by renowned scientists, the app aims to reduce symptoms of jet lag through resynchronizing your body clock with small actions at specific times of the day.Mellennial travel | timeshifter app


#5 XE Currency – Money saving app

Flipping between currencies? Keep on top of your spending with the XE Currency app, a useful tool for calculating live conversion rates in over 180 countries. In addition, the app continuously updates so it can work without internet.Currency Exchange

#6 Trippin- Your travel journal app

Millennial Travel - Trippin App
Millennial Travel – Trippin App

Keep your digital travel journal alive with Trippin and share all of your favorite discoveries with friends and family. Add your own artwork, top tips and highlight all your fun finds on an interactive map. In addition, users can access curated lists shared by Trippin’s ‘frequent fliers’.


3 more apps for millennial travel


#7 ICE – Emergency travel app

ICE Saftey App
ICE Saftey App

Besides being a general personal safety tool, the ICE app is especially useful when traveling. In case of emergency, the app lets you send an instant message to your contacts, alerting them of your situation and location. The app sends a notification via messenger, email or text, with the option to send a scheduled message, even if your phone loses battery or is out of service.


#8 Trail Wallet – Budget travel app

With all of your expenses tracked in one place, Trail Wallet makes budgeting during vacations simple. The app allows users to set a custom budget in your local currency and add in costs as and when needed. A chart and daily breakdown of expenses is provided. QuickBooks Cloud application can be an alternative for this as it’s a cloud-based app which can be accessed remotely using an Azure WVD.Trail Wallet

#9 Eatwith – Culinary meeting app

Millennial travel | best travel apps | EatWith
Millennial travel | best travel apps | EatWith

Gather around the dinner table with EatWith and munch your way through the local delicacies in each city. Hailed as the Airbnb of dining, the app offers users thousands of options to dine at host homes in over 130 countries, to experience the flavors and tastes indigenous to a destination.

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#10 Cozycozy – All accommodations

CozyCozy is the best travel accommodation app for millennials because it is user friendly, offers a wide range of accommodation options, provides great value for money, and promotes sustainable travel.

The interface of the app is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for millennials to search for the right accommodation option. This app also allows for filtering by location, dates, price, and amenities.

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