Royal Caribbean app | New user guide [2020]

Royal Caribbean app | New user guide [2020]

If you are a cruiser you will want to get the best out of your trip.  But dwelling yourself into hasty check-in routines and finding your way around the ship for important places and booking important events can degrade your experience. The new Royal Caribbean app is your one-stop-shop for all your cruising needs. From check-ins to navigation to booking, this app will do it all for you.

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Royal Caribbean app features:

#1 Great UX

Unlimited Graphic Design makes the app pleasant to see. First looks on this app immediately catches your eye with the beautiful blue sea welcome screen with an anchor that shows you that ‘you’ have the control, which then transitions into the main app which welcomes you with a beautiful animation of your ship docked in near the shore of a tropical island. The main screen shows 3 tabs on the top; the ship tab, the calendar tab, and your tab where you have all your personal information processed, like your passport and stuff.

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#2 Check-in with the Royal Caribbean app

There is a lot of other cool things on the main screen which opens up to many other cool features of the app, but first, let’s get to the checking in process. Let me tell you, it is super easy and you have got your check-ins at the tip of your fingers. If you click the person icon tab, it will take you to a screen that shows your name and your ship information including your deck number, stateroom number, and your reservation number. When you click check-in, it will ask you to select your name if you have more than one guest. Once you click your name it will ask you to add your documents.

You can choose between what kind of documents you want to add. Mostly you will be using your passport and this app makes it really convenient to add it. You just have to hold your passport in a landscape position and the phone in a vertical position to scan the passport. Once it scans your passport like a QR code scanner, it will automatically fill in your information through reading the numbers at the bottom of your passport. The next step will be to add your security picture which is also very easy. So, if you have noticed, when you are sailing, they take your picture, and every time you use your sea pass card to check-in, your picture appears on the screen. This security picture serves just that purpose and makes it easier and faster. This photo will be used as a part of your biometric data and the app will ask you if you are cool with letting the app use that data for verification purposes.

Royal Caribbean cruise app

#3 Digital onboard account

Next up it will ask you for your onboard charge account which will most likely be your credit card. Your charge account will be used for the purposes of settling bills on the cruise when you check in to a restaurant, pool party tickets, or dance parties. The amount will automatically be billed and deducted from the credit card and you won’t have to go to the crew first to pay for that which is awesome as it is more preferable to just automatically runs things when you are on a luxury cruise. After this, you just have to accept the terms and conditions to the cruise ticket contract and you will be good to go. You can then view the set sail pass which is a digitally generated sea pass with a bar code on it and has all the information regarding you and your documents. Checking in is very very easy and it is highly recommended.

#4 Information of activities and dining

Now let us see what this app can do for you while you are cruising. In addition to the three main tabs, it shows the activities schedule, hints, tips for sailing, and the time and weather conditions which is quite nice. Just across it, is a dining icon that will take you to the list of restaurants and cuisines available. And you can actually go through specific cuisine items as well to see where they are available at. Now another cool feature; when you select ‘find on ship’ it will show you all the places on the ships where it is available. It basically shows you a colorful map of the deck and highlights important points and restaurants on the ship so that you can easily navigate through them without wasting any time. When you click a restaurant, it brings up all the specialties and different items that they are serving. It also shows what days they are served.

Royal Caribbean app dining

#5 Calendar tab

When you will open the calendar tab, it will take you to all your cruising days listed and will tell you what your sailing is. If you open a specific sailing day it will bring that up on the main screen and will show the next sailing day and the next day items. When you swipe up, it will tell you the important events which are going to take place on that specific day.

#6 All you need to know in one place

Another way to get into this is to go to the ship tab on the main menu where it will provide you with loads of other features including dining. When you hit the ship icon first thing you will see is the 3d model of your ship rotate and you will see it sailing from a top view.

You will see activities, dining, entertainment, shops, excursions, spa, fitness, and services. These options will take you to places such as playlands for kids, escape rooms, spa, gyms, pools, and gaming. If you are a gamer you might also find shops that sell gaming accessories. if you would like to check on some high quality external hard drive for pc, visit here. Whenever you will click any activity or an item from this menu, it will tell you detailed information about that event so that you can have a bright idea of what it is going to be about before booking.

This Royal Caribbean app is highly intuitive and extremely well designed. With super cool animations and a buck load of features that cover all your cruise, we highly recommend using this app.


Currently, Royal Caribbean app supports:

Adventure, Allure, Anthem, Brilliance, Empress, Enchantment, Freedom, Harmony, Independence, Liberty, Majesty, Mariner, Navigator, Oasis, Ovation, Quantum, Rhapsody, Serenade, Spectrum, Symphony, Vision, and Voyager.


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