Riviera Maya Excursions | [2020] New Guide for Top Sites

Riviera Maya Excursions | [2020] New Guide for Top Sites

The Western coast of Mexico comprises 20 cities and lagoons. Together, they are referred to as the Mexican Riviera. Despite each city being largely distant from one another, they are often called the Mexican Riviera due to the many oceanfront resorts they include and also because of their popularity among visitors. When on extended cruises, the ships often halt at three or more destinations, which say plenty about the fame this coastline has garnered. Adding to the allure of the Mexican Riviera is the Riviera Maya, one of the world’s best places to visit and enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

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Beach Riviera Maya


Top 8 Riviera Maya Excursions 

Lying on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatan Peninsula is a Caribbean coastline stretch, called the Riviera Maya. It is known for its extensive collection of all-inclusive resorts, such as Playa del Carmen, as well as the long beaches. The Riviera Maya is so naturally beautiful that it is hard to differentiate between the sky and the ocean. Your search for Riviera Maya excursions ends here as you take a look at some of the loveliest places and wonderful things to do.

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Here is a list of handpicked Riviera Maya excursions you wouldn’t want to miss

#1 Mayan Ruins

It is home to numerous ancient ruins, as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites; a package of a destination for history enthusiasts and everyday explorers, it is one of the best excursions in Riviera Maya. From the forest-bound Coba ruins to tourist spots like Chichen Itza, each site showcases temple grounds and limestone pyramids, which are carefully preserved.

#2 Cenotes

Scores of cenotes mark the Yucatan Peninsula. These naturally created cave systems house crystal-clear water pools, majestically decorated by Stalactite ceilings featuring low-hanging tendrils. You simply cannot miss them during your Riviera Maya tour. Every Yucatan cenote and location is unique. For instance, the Casa Cenote looks like a lake and is above the ground, while Dos Ojos and Sac Actun are underground caves and ripe with marine life, making Riviera Maya snorkeling and scuba diving a must-have, luxurious experience.

Riviera Maya c ave excursions Mexico

#3 Tulum

You will realize it is the famous Tulum the moment you visit the town. The crystalline waters and limestone dotted beaches, along with the evergreen Mayan temples have probably caught your eyes when checking out the travel brochures for the top Riviera Maya things to do. Your day trip in Tulum can have you exploring the area, marveling at the El Castillo pyramid or relaxing at one of the popular oceanside restaurants. Usually, people have a hard time keeping away from the glistening white sandy beaches and glassy turquoise waters. The nightlife here beats most others in the world. The after-dark crowds and cocktail sessions are a refreshing experience. Riviera Maya Excursions

#4 Sian Ka’an Biosphere

This attraction covers over 5,000 square-kilometers of diverse faunas and undisturbed wilderness. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Biosphere consists of more than 200 conservation projects and provides shelter to thousands of wild tropical species. Tourists also love visiting the Muyil ruins and the nearby Laguna. There is an untouched coral reef stretch that makes up another Riviera Maya snorkeling and scuba diving destination.


#5 Cozumel

Cozumel is adored by vacationers who search for extended excursions in the various natural parks it houses. It is mostly a commercial destination with its many resorts and beachside activities, but also offers thriving eco-parks and natural habitats. You will discover an array of outdoor activities that range from mangroves and wetlands along the lagoons to the mesmerizing El Mirador observation deck that allows visitors to admire the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. From the Faro Celerain Ecological Reserve to the Patas & Alas Butterfly Sanctuary, a wide range of endemic species and biodiverse landscapes ornate the location.

chichen itza building


#6 Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen has established itself as a top-rated resort city and a booming international destination in Quintana Roo. Whether you want to surf the hypnotic waters or bask under the sun on its beautiful beaches, it has got everything covered. If you stroll along Fifth Avenue, you will come across authentic Mexican cafes and boutique shops. One of the best Riviera Maya things to do is relaxing at one of its luxury spas. You could also go golfing in Playacar or head to the seaside park to watch traditional dance performances.

#7 Akumal

 Love beaches? Akumal offers 5 kilometers of pristine beaches that run along its tranquil shore and the town maintains its Mayan name, which stands for the “place of the turtle”. A wide variety of marine lives including sea turtles fill its untouched coral reefs and warm waters. It is one of the best excursions in Riviera Maya, considering that you can go snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles by the shallow bay areas. By moving a little ahead, you will be mesmerized by the underwater vistas and utterly satisfied seeing tropical fishes, sharks, and dolphins.

#8 Isla Mujeres, Cancun, and Isla Holbox

The Riviera Maya excursions will put you right in the heart of these wonderful vacation sites, whether you are planning to spend a few days at the Isla Mujeres or taking a day-trip to the vibrant beaches of Cancun. Want to extend your day trip? Simply add Isla Holbox and Yum Balam Nature Reserve to your itinerary. You will be amazed to see the largest off-shore gathering of sharks in the world at the Nature Reserve. It also has amazing local wildlife and protected wetlands to take in.

Riviera Maya Excursions – Conclusion

With all being said, you can make your Riviera Maya tour a mesmerizing experience by choosing from the given list of excursions. These are but a handful of the best activities you can enjoy. Just about any and everything here is capable of offering a delightful natural feeling. Friends, family, or your loved one; the time you spend in Riviera Maya will forever be etched in your memory and will leave you craving for more. If a meaningful vacation is what you have in mind, you know where to go.

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