WiFi Ultraboost Review [2022] | - Best comprehensive guide to buy or not to buy

WiFi Ultraboost Review [2022] | – Best comprehensive guide to buy or not to buy

All you need to know about the repeater combo in this updated new Wifi Ultraboost Review, but first things first, what is the WiFi Ultraboost? The WiFi Ultraboost is a combo WiFi repeater and booster, which is used to extend the coverage area and boosting the signal of your WiFi network. It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. The result is stronger WiFi in a larger area. That means that the WiFi Ultraboost is a good solution for those of us that have multiple devices (laptops, phones, TVs, tablets, etc) on the same network or a larger square footage to expand to. 

Who is it for?

If you are having issues with WiFi at home and are using multiple devices on your WiFi network, you may want to try the WiFi Ultraboost. As work from home becomes more popular, we see more people requiring more power from their WiFi. With students and employees now both using WiFi from home, a WiFi repeater will allow you to attend your zoom meetings in peace without interruptions. 

It can be incredibly frustrating to get kicked out of 

 calls, but for many of us that risk has just compounded with issues of working with home. Not just for the workforce, with more and more students learning from home k-12 and in college, the consequences of getting kicked off your call for having poor WiFi connection have gotten far more serious. 

If you have a large house you know what it is like to be in the back room or basement and not have signal. That might be okay for a phone call, but not when you have to work from home. With the WiFi Ultraboost, you will be able to. 

 work in your kids playroom that usually has no internet connection – I promise. 

The complete WiFi Ultraboost Review

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If you have multiple devices on the same network you know what it is like to have some people in the house turn off their WiFi eating devices because you have a work call. As more of us work from home and children acquire internet capable devices earlier and earlier, you want to make sure that you are not going to get kicked off your WiFi because your daughter is watching makeup tutorials… again. 

You might be in a small apartment by yourself, but if you have a laggy internet connection in the first place you might be looking for something that will get that problem solved as well. Sometimes no matter what we do, the internet just won’t work with us. 

Another small note: though I use this personally at home I could imagine it being really helpful for internet cafes or businesses that offer or need WiFi in large spaces like warehouses, restaurants, or similar.  

Watch this video WiFi Ultraboost Review

Who shouldn’t try the WiFi Ultraboost?

If you have Google fiber or a similar fiber connection – you shouldn’t have issues with connectivity or speed so this product isn’t for you. That being said, the majority of us aren’t that lucky and will see a boost (pun intended) from using this. 

Why give it a try?

The more time you spend online this year the more you are going to want one of these. The WiFi Ultraboost is unobtrusive enough that it won’t be a huge eye sore along with your router and cable box and really works. There isn’t much more to say about why you should try it. If you have problems with your internet, you know how frustrating it is. This solves them, simple as that. 

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(Seriously) Easy Setup

Although the WiFi Ultraboost comes with setup instructions, I didn’t even use them. Everything you need is in the packaging and there are no issues with connecting things. It is also quite small, so if you are someone who is actually traveling this year (I don’t know many people who are) you can take it with you on the go for sure. 

And it is on sale… 

At the moment, you can get the WiFi Ultraboost for 50% off while stock lasts. That is $49/unit, or cheaper if you buy multiple (perfect gift for those dorm dwelling college students)

WiFi Ultraboost Review – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the setup like?

Easy. Plug it in and it will find the nearest and strongest signal and connect. You can use the manual to adjust as necessary, but usually that is not necessary. 

  1. What is the price? 

The price depends on where you look. I found the best deal here, at 50% off.

  1. Does it have a LAN port?
WiFi Ultraboost Review - TL;DR
WiFi Ultraboost Review – TL;DR

Yes. If you are a techy and looking for a LAN port, it is there as well. 

  1. Are there any security concerns? 

Although this is not heavily marketed, security concerns are definitely something to consider. With this model you won’t have that issue. I can’t speak for other models though. 

  1. What if I experience issues with my unit?

If you are experiencing issues with the WiFi Ultraboost, I recommend first making sure it isn’t your WiFi in general, as there are very few reports of issues with functionality. If there is an issue, contact PopularHiTech

WiFi Ultraboost Review – TL;DR

We hope this Wifi Ultraboost review helps now understand everything you need to know about this gadget. This repeater will boost your WiFi. If you are having issues with connectivity or speeds, it will make sure you can connect multiple devices anywhere in your home. It is small enough to not be an eyesore and the setup is about as easy as you could ask for. It is perfect for people who want to strengthen their connection, or have a large area to cover with one WiFi router. It plugs directly into the wall, so you are not going to need to connect another thing to your cable box or WiFi router. 

As far as purchasing and getting the best deal, there are some issues with it staying in stock, but you can check this site for the availability. As of this publication date, they are running a pretty steep sale at 50% off with some bulk discounts. 

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