360 virtual tours - Best 50 in [2020] 

50 Best 360 virtual tours of 2020 

A must-keep list of the best 360 virtual tours of 2020

What is a 360 Video? 

 360 video is a gret innovation that allows the viewers to experience a completely immersive environment. These videos are recorded with the help of a collection of cameras also known as omnidirectional cameras. They facilitate recording the video from every possible direction. The motive behind this hi-tech gadget is to provide the viewer with a variety of perspectives. 360 virtual tours videos are gaining significant popularity because of their one of a kind methodology.  

 They can be watched on any platform but when paired with a Virtual Reality headset, their true potential is unleashed. These videos provide you a 360⁰ view of any place that you watch. The users can also control their direction as well as angle. This helps in understanding the bigger picture. This technology is quite beneficial in numerous fields like tourism, architecture, engineering, gaming, and so forth.

 To understand this concept a little bit more, we have framed a list of 50 best 360 Virtual Tours of 2020. So continue reading further and dive incomplete adventure.  

 Watch Now 50 best 360 virtual tours we picked for you

1)Ancient city of Petra, Jordan  – https://youtu.be/xSiv4TkfSOE

Admire the beauty of this vintage city in Petra, Jordan.


 2) Roadtrip Spain and France  – https://youtu.be/f6X0E978GwU

Enjoy this mesmerizing Roadtrip to Spain and France and get lost in their beauty.  


3) Discover Barcelona in a guided city tour – https://youtu.be/EHEXgKjZ89M

This guided city tour will help you travel the city of your dreams, Barcelona. 


4) Zermatt, Matterhorn, Switzerland  – https://youtu.be/lv_tXu3cb-w

Relish in this adventurous city in Switzerland.  


5) An experience in Abu Dhabi – https://youtu.be/KkCDexWdDIY

Captivate in the tranquilizing aura of Abu Dhabi through this 360 video


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6) Zurich, Switzerland  – https://youtu.be/P3jyeihhCWk

Experience this famous city in Switzerland


7) A guided city tour of Vienna  – https://youtu.be/BnVmijTniMU

This 360 video will guide you through the city of Vienna


8) Sceneries of the World in 3D – https://youtu.be/o3kOXD9HRdA

This is an all in one package, stacked with numerous euphoric places around the world


9) Chief Mountain, BC, Canada  – https://youtu.be/__kQAlOJhfQ

Enjoy the heart racing heights of this mountain in China


10) London, United Kingdom https://youtu.be/KGerjHMa90s

 Get to see London closely with the help of this VR


11) This is Holland, Keukenhof Flower Garden of Europe – https://youtu.be/W3cpXzpWvpg

Dwell in the beautiful garden of Europe through this video


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12) Sãu Paulo – https://youtu.be/MZunWdxZWLs 

 Have a quick trip to Sãu Paulo


13) Huaganshan Mountains, China – https://youtu.be/0YwaAgB_-nw 

 Enjoy the scenery of these beautiful mountains of China


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14) Spring in Moscow, Russia  – https://youtu.be/DbD-6IiSmb0 

  Be a part of the spring season in Moscow  


15) Bangkok, Thailand Traffic Tuk Tuk – https://youtu.be/9rDGyV7RT58 

 This 360 clip will take you to the busy roads of Bangkok, Thailand


16) Kamchatka, Russia  – https://youtu.be/RyvzQ5Wmecs 

 Watch this video to enjoy the view of Kamchatka, Russia


17) The Maya Temple, Mexico https://youtu.be/W7KTl4r00sI 

Enjoy the Solace of this famous temple in Mexico.  


 18) Positano, Italy  – https://youtu.be/n9f8os8WTek 

 Appreciate the aura of this famous city in Italy


19) Sameba Cathedral, Tbilisi, Georgia  – https://youtu.be/XiUs6mbGb7w 

 This video clip will enhance your 360 video experience forever


20) Thailand best shopping mall Pattaya – https://youtu.be/0XEyrmGgQ-w 

 Get to see the hustle and bustle of the best shopping mall of Thailand


21) Tashkent, Uzbekistan – https://youtu.be/sRPic-OStkk 

 Visit the streets of Tashkent through this clip


22) Israel, Tel-Aviv – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPDUHkS94Bg

 Relish in a 1-day tour of the city


23) Cusco, Peru – https://youtu.be/CkDfWpxl6kQ 

 Experience something like never before thought of this video clip


24) Lima, Peru – https://youtu.be/Ef3q6ecmjcs 

 Enjoy the aesthetic vibes of Lima, Peru with this video today. 


25) Explore Cario – https://youtu.be/yF8W85JwJwU 

 Tune into this video and explore Cario


Isn’t it enticing? Here are some more best 360 virtual tours to enhance your experience.    

 26) Israel, Jerusalem – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax8NA-V5x34


27) Travel Oregon in VR – https://youtu.be/GAd5Ax1pV6I 


28) Almaty, Kazakhstan  – https://youtu.be/Vtt4hRBMcJo 


29) Pattaya Beach, Thailand  – https://youtu.be/EgolLFN36fc 


30) Old city, Jerusalem  – https://youtu.be/KBDT6fp3INA 


31) Antarctica Tarvel – https://youtu.be/PeTqiDWDzc4 


32) Explore Barcelona in 360⁰ – https://youtu.be/65N8C8u0ew0 


33) Terracotta Army, Xi’an, China – https://youtu.be/FyBSyravkx0 


34) Acropolis of Athens, Greece – https://youtu.be/TFZu-9igt1o 


35) Liberty Bridge, Budapest  – https://youtu.be/qJY_MnlpCXc 


36) Central Óbuda, Budapest  – https://youtu.be/L56Nw_wVfro 


37) Charles Bridge, Prague, Europe  – https://youtu.be/hzohBkJGMUQ 


38) Mtskheta, Georgia – https://youtu.be/7jSjcS1wPso 


39) Malé City, Maldives  – https://youtu.be/aAY7_Ttpf_8 


360 Virtual Tours last 10 to watch on our list

40) Visit India in VR – https://youtu.be/nc6BaU8EL44 


41) Ahmedabad, India – https://youtu.be/XldeTT8bI5Y 


42) Walking Pier 39 to Downtown, San Francisco  – https://youtu.be/By1qtx4keWg 


43) Roman Hippodrome, Tyre, Lebanon – https://youtu.be/gNXYBMijLuM 


44) Mahondand Lake, Pakistan  – https://youtu.be/n9WVZ81g3VU 


45) Mani, Greece – https://youtu.be/Cy6K79C5Ezk 


46) Walking Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco – https://youtu.be/uDEmAsPxlfo 


47) Australia, Whitehaven Beach and Hamilton Island, Queensland


48) Russia, Ski vacation Sochi – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idCX7o-9Hr4&t=2s


49) skydiving experience – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTM8vXtdIUA


50) Macau, China – https://youtu.be/Rlq92U8bVfQ 


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