VR Cities: Tour Great Cities with VR in 2022

VR Cities: Tour These Cities with VR in 2022

VR technology is very hot and trendy, especially with so many people stuck at home. VR cities are found all across the globe making it easy to explore and enjoy plenty of places without leaving your home. Here’s a look at the top VR Cities across the globe to explore this year.

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Top 20 VR Cities to Tour from Home

1. Paris, France

Paris one of the top VR cities in the world

Everybody wants to experience a trip to Paris, France in their lifetime. It’s one of the most romantic cities on the planet. Now, you can go to Paris without leaving your home with a video tour since this is one of the top VR cities in the world.

Imagine tours the Louvre and seeing the Mona Lisa. You can walk through the Palace of Versailles and even experience the famous Eiffel Tower. There is so much to see in Paris and you can see it all from the comfort of your home.

2. New York City, USA

The Big Apple has so much to offer from Times Square to the many sports stadiums. Taking a video tour of the city offers an incredible option when you want to see one of the best cities in the United States and the world.

NYC provides all types of VR tours for museums, famous buildings, and so much more. The architecture is stunning and you can even get in-depth with tours of Central Park and so much more.

3. Havana, Cuba


Maybe you’ve never been to Cuba, but it’s on your bucket list. Havana is a wonderful spot and one of the best VR cities you will find. You can take a tour and see all the beautiful colors throughout, along with the historic square and even some ocean views.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Touring Tokyo gives you a way to see some of the historical Asakusa area without leaving your home. It’s one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and home to old temples, amazing architecture and so much more.

5. London, England

VR tour of London

From Big Ben to the double-decker busses, you’ll see a little bit of everything when you take a VR tour of London. This is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and offers some of the best landmarks to enjoy in all of England.

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6. Quebec City, Canada

A charming city with plenty to offer, Quebec City offers virtual tours to enjoy. It’s filled with history and you can enjoy views of the St. Lawrence River, along with amazing looks at the Breakneck Staircase and so much more.

7. Singapore

An incredible city with plenty of beautiful architecture, Singapore is one of the VR cities you can tour in 2021. It offers beautiful buildings, amazing views, urban parks, fountains, and so much more.

8. Barcelona, Spain

From the amazing romance of the city to the incredible churches, Barcelona has so much to offer. Tour the city with a 360-degree video tour and enjoy this VR city right from your home.

9. Hong Kong, China

tour with virtual reality technology in Hong Kong.

Another amazing city to tour with virtual reality technology in Hong Kong. You can take a 360-degree video tour of this spot and enjoy some of the finest things the city has to offer.

10. Mexico City, Mexico

A unique spot with plenty to offer, you can take a VR tour of the Zocalo Square, Casa Azul, and so much more. Mexico City is also known for incredible street art and you can see it all right from your own home.

11. Naples, Italy

Have you always wanted to tour Naples in Italy, but haven’t had the time to get there yet? You can visit Naples with VR city technology and take a walking tour of the area. Video tours are great, but when you can use VR technology, Naples truly comes alive.

12. Austin, Texas, USA

One of the fastest-growing cities in the entire United States, Austin offers some very unique things. Explore the many bridges and the parks throughout, along with plenty of other attractions here.

13. Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA

Do you miss the sunshine and the beaches of Florida? Take a virtual tour of the Clearwater area to enjoy something tropical and very unique. You might just catch some parasailing going on or someone having fun on a jet ski.

14. Copenhagen, Denmark

A wonderful spot with plenty to offer, Copenhagen is a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager with an immersive VR tour of this beautiful city.

15. Bergen, Norway

top VR cities in the world

The second-largest city found in Norway; Bergen offers plenty to explore. It’s filled with some incredible beauty and amazing water views.top VR cities in the world.

16. Forbidden City, China

Why wouldn’t you want to tour the Forbidden City? This amazing city offers an incredible option for a VR tour from home. Enjoy panoramic views of the Gates of Supreme Harmony and the Imperial Garden. It’s one of the most amazing places on the planet and you can see it right from your home.

17. Taormina, Sicily

If you love the old European charm, it doesn’t get much better than Taormina. This city offers many incredible virtual tours to enjoy with narrow streets, beautiful views, bounties throughout, and so much more. You can even see the Mediterranean Sea from some of the tours.

18. Moscow, Russia

Transport yourself to an enchanting place you’ve never visited before with a VR tour of Moscow. This amazing city offers so much to see from the incredible buildings to the statues to the music.

19. Wilson Island, Queensland, Australia

While Wilson Island isn’t technically a city, the tour of this beautiful spot is incredible. It’s just one of eight vegetated coral cays found in the Capricornia Cays National Park. This is a part of the Great Barrier Reef and offers some incredible things to see virtually.

20. Krakow, Poland

You might not think about Krakow as a VR city to tour, but this city in Poland is amazing. Many don’t even realize it until they take a virtual tour of the city. From the Market Square to the Old City Center, there is so much to see here.

There are plenty of VR cities to explore even when you’re stuck at home. You can use this list of 20 VR cities to explore for 2021 to help you do some traveling from home this year.

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