Nag Tibba Trek: Best places to stay and visit in [2021]

Best places to stay and visit in Nag Tibba Trek

Nestling at the height of around 9915 meters high off the ground, the Nag Tibba trek in the Garhwal Himalayas is one of the most sought adventures by the tourists worldwide. Standing at the base of this trek route, you can go for a 100-degree view of the entire snow-capped mountain ranges. Swargrohini, Srikantha, Kala Nag, and Gangotri are some of the famous mountain peaks to gaze at from the base camp of the Nag Tibba trek.

Lying amidst the two famous peaks of Pin and Dhauladhar, the Nag Tibba has an altitude of around 9915 meters. The moment you climb this height to reach the topmost summit of the Nag Tibba trek, soak yourself in the beautiful views of the bed of clouds floating down the skyline. On a clear, bright day, the peaks of Bandarpoonch, Gangotri, Kalanag, and Srikanth appear as if someone has painted all of them with pure shades of fiery orange hues.

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The entire trek route to Nag Tibba is a circular one blessed with a contrasting landscape of rhododendrons, alpine, oak, and cedarwood. Climbing atop the Nag Tibba and later ascending down towards the Bhatwadi Village is the best thing you can pick to do on your Uttarakhand tours. Locals find Nag Tibba trek a great weekend respite to relax and unwind themselves from the clutters of their professional life.

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Nag Tibba Where to go

All those planning a Nag Tibba trek this winter, here is a list of some of the best places to explore on your go:

#1 Kempty Falls–

If you love to be one with nature, Kempty Falls will give you plenty of reasons to fall in love with it. The gigantic somersault of streams tumbling down from a great height and creating a massive lake-like structure beneath is what can be defined as the Kempty Falls. This is perhaps one of the most charismatic picnic spots to explore on your one day trip to Mussoorie.

#2 Kanatal Hill Station

Located amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Garhwal Himalayas, the Kanatal hill station is a perfect weekend spot for the families to enjoy their personal space together. Weary souls visiting these hill stations never miss on a single opportunity of capturing the beauty of the sun-kissed peaks encircled with the velvety coniferous trees.

#3 Lal Tibba

This is one of the highest and topmost points along with the Nag Tibba mountain ranges. If you are planning a Nag Tibba visit on your honeymoon, make sure to take a few hours of your journey to witness the bliss of the magically romantic sunrise and sunset views here.

#4 Nainbagh

Nestling in Uttarakhand’s Tehri district, Nainbagh is nothing less than a scenic beauty marking the confluence of three famous local districts of Uttarkashi, Tehri, and Dehradun. This spot is equally adored by nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.

#5 Pantwari Village

Situated within the Dhanaulti district, the Pantwari Village serves as the base camp for the Nag Tibba trekking route. All those planning for a night stay option can spot on guesthouses, small shops, and varieties of homestay options.

Nag Tibba Trek Places to stay and rest

There are no accommodation options available in and around Nag Tibba trekking spot. If you are planning for an overnight stay here at the Nag Tibba, make your own arrangements for overnight camping. You may either get your own camping equipment along or get it on rental basis from your tour partners. You can even find a few numbers of budgeted guest houses either at Pantwari or Devalsari depending on the trekking route you opt for.

Kempty Falls
Kempty Falls
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Nag Tibba Trek Best places to take pictures

The best places to take pictures in and around Nag Tibba are:

#1 Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls near Mussoorie is one of the attractive destinations to hop at for unwinding yourself from all your clutters. This is one of the most popular and happening tourist destinations to pick for your Uttarakhand tours. Developed around 150 years before, Kempty Falls has always been a fascinating picnic spot for soul wanderers.

#2 Kanatal

Kanatal or lost hamlet is one of the charming hill stations to capture your close-up images at this hill station is all around wrapped with velvety coniferous tree covers and sun-kissed mountain peaks. Perched atop a height of 8500 meters high off the sea level, the hill station of Kanatal is perfect for those who wish to get close to nature during winters.

Nag Tibba Trek Best places to take pictures
Nag Tibba Trek Best places to take pictures
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#3 Lal Tibba

One of the highest peaks of Mussoorie, Lal Tibba is a popular tourist destination to capture some blissful sunrise and sunset moments. On a bright clear day, you can even capture some long trails gliding along the significant mountain peaks that surround the Lal Tibba.

#4 Nainbagh

Nainbagh is situated in Uttarakhand’s Tehri district at the confluence of Uttarkashi, Tehri, and Dehradun. 12 km away from this spot, lies the Pantwari village which serves as a base spot for enjoying the camping adventure of the Nag Tibba trek.

#5 Pantwari Village

Though not a fascinating one, the Pantwari Village of Uttarakhand is a perfect spot for those, who wish to capture the background of a quaint little village of the northern hilly areas of India. The presence of the beautiful mountain ranges all over the village further embraces its overall elegance.

#6 Mussoorie

Renowned as a loner’s wonderland, the town of Mussoorie is nothing less than a nature lover’s paradise. This glittering hill station has always remained the first choice of many travellers wishing to explore the captivating beauty of the Himalayas. The colonial architectural style of this town makes it worthy of spending your entire weekend here doing nothing but merely capturing natural beauty with your artistic illustration.


#7 Dhanaulti

This tinsel town is a famous winter trekkers paradise due to the presence of its tranquil vistas and magical aura. Perched atop a height of 2286 meters off the sea level, Dhanaulti blesses you with some astonishing views of the lofty panoramic Himalayas.

Nag Tibba Trek Best scenic locations

#1 Mussoorie

Mussoorie or the Queen of Hills is a popular hill station of North India. The beauty of this location is embraced by the presence of a beautiful atmosphere, lush green hills, and the enthralling views of the Doon Valleys. While every single nook and corner of Mussoorie radiates amazing vibes, places such as CamelBack Hill, Bhatt Falls, Gun Hills, Kempty Falls, etc. are worth visiting here.

#2 Dhanaulti

Nestled at the foothills of the mighty Garhwal Himalayas, Dhanaulti is a beautiful paradise adorned by the captivating views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Deogarh forts, Barehipani Falls, Eco Park, etc. are some of the best places to explore around Dhanaulti village.

Nag Tibba Trek - Kanatal
Nag Tibba Trek – Kanatal

#3 Kanatal

Tucked at 40 kms away from Mussoorie, the Kanatal village is a weekend lovers paradise. The celebrations of the falls such as Christmas Eve and New Year have a remarkable significance here. Picnic, camping, captivating views of the Himalayas, jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets, and a solitude environment are some things to enjoy while you are on your visit to this heaven.

The Final Destination

Nag Tibba or as it is popularly known as the Serpent’s Peak ranks as the highest peaks of the lower Himalayan ranges. Situated at an altitude of 3025 meters high off the ground level, the Nag Tibba attracts thousands of global tourists round the clock.

The majestic beauty and the salubrious weather conditions prevailing here promises a comforting unwind for the adventure thirsty souls. It is an excellent spot for all those trekkers who wish to camp at the topmost summit and indulge themselves in the art of bird watching, the elegance of the thick jungles, and the beauty of the meandering meadows.

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