26 Road Trip Games for Couples | New Guide [2023]

26 Road Trip Games for Couples | New Guide [2023]

Road trips are a fun and often exciting activity to pursue when you feel the need to spend some quality time with certain individuals. There is no need to buy expensive plane tickets or renew your passport you can rent a car and enjoy your ride. If you have a working car with enough insurance, you can simply hit the road. Whether it be family members, friends, or even your spouse, road trips are always a very effective way to bond with the people you love. 

So, it would come as no surprise that long, romantic road trips are a thing that couples absolutely enjoy the idea of. But unfortunately, most of the time, because they hype the event way too much and, as a result, get unnecessary dopamine highs by just stimulating the perfect road trip with their significant other, the trip can often time end up being rather underwhelming. 

26 Road Trip Games for Couples
26 Road Trip Games for Couples

These simulated dreams of the perfect road trip often fall flat, and you either get bored, frustrated, angry, agitated, or a lot of other emotions because it just might not be working out. Maybe you have learned to cope, but there is only so much talking and sightseeing you can do on a long road trip, and boredom is bound to hit sooner rather than later. 

With that said, here are 25 of the most amazing board games you can play with your significant other to thoroughly enjoy your road trip together to the fullest. 

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Checkout ot list the best 26 Road Trip Games for Couples:

1. Bingo 

If the man is driving, the woman is often left to dry and can get bored quicker. This is where the concept of car bingo comes in.

Basically, you and your partner can make a list of things that you predict to witness on your way to the destination, and as you see them, the person not driving can tick them off as they arrive. Not elite level, but it works to have some small talk, and winning anything is fun. 

2. Storytelling 

Not really sure if this is much of a game rather than just sharing experiences with your partner. But, if you want to get rid of boredom, all while wanting to learn more about one another, this is a great game to play. 

The way you can make it a game is by asking your partner about specific genres of storytelling, for example, some embarrassing stories, childhood stories, and so on. I’m sure with this, you could go on for hours learning about each other whilst not getting bored. 

3. Odd color 

This is a rather simple yet engaging game that couples could use to combat boredom while on the road. It could also make for some spicy conversations on a technicality, and you can always catch your partner cheating. 

The game itself is pretty simple. Before the trip, you list down some odd colors for cars that you intend to see, and as you are on the trip, tick off how many cars of that specific color you saw, the one with the most wins. 

4. 10 questions 

This is a good game, especially for couples who are recently together. This is also another amazing way to get to know them and spark some interesting conversations. 

This, however, isn’t like an ‘ask 10 questions’ sort of game; it basically is a guessing game. So, your partner thinks of something, whether it be a movie, a celebrity, or whatever else. The objective is to guess who your partner is thinking of, but you only get to ask 10 questions. 

5. Truth or lies 

Again, an especially great game to play if one of you is driving. You would start the game with one of you stating a “fact,” and your partner has to guess if it is true or not. Simple yet efficient, you can spark some rather intriguing conversations with your partner with this game, only adding to the fun.

Best 26 Road Trip Games for Couples - Bingo
Best 26 Road Trip Games for Couples – Bingo
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 6. Unfortunately 

Have you seen the movie “Just go with it”? Well, inspired by that movie, we have this game. The concept is the same; one person starts off with a statement like, “unfortunately, I forgot to pack snacks for our trip,” and the other has to respond, starting their response with “Unfortunately.” Keep in mind the response has to be relevant to what your partner had said previously. 

7. Atlas 

Many of us have played this game in the past, with family and friends, especially on a road trip. And one takeaway is that it totally beats sleeping the entire trip. The concept of the game is simple, one person starts off the game by naming a country in the world, and the other person has to respond by naming another country, starting with the letter the previous country ended on. Example: Peru, Uruguay, Yemen, and so on. You could also play variations of the game with objects and other things. 

9. I spy 

You cannot say you have never played this game. Nearly the entire world knows this game and adores how much fun you can have with the game. The purpose is simple; you start off by saying, “I spy with a little eye,” and describe something that you see on the road; your partner then has to guess what it is before it passes. You can have a point system based on this as well. 

10. Song talk 

If you are a couple that adores songs and actually know the lyrics to a lot of songs, this is an incredible game that can be pretty hilarious and fun to play. You can choose a time frame within which you can converse with your partner only using song lyrics, a pretty good way to brush up on the lyrics, too, if you ask me. 

11. Decipher license plates 

If you not only want to engage your brain but also have a laugh with your partner along the very long trip, this is the game for you. Let’s say a license plate reads AHIP 561; then you could decipher it as “Atheist hippie impregnates pig” 5 months to live, 61 diseases. 

12. Lyrical connections 

This game is just like any song-related game. It is an incredibly entertaining and amusing way to get to understand the type of songs your partner likes and even discover songs he has listened to. 

The game starts with one of you singing a song to the maximum of your knowledge, and your partner has to continue by singing another song starting with the sound or letter that the previous song ended on. You could add variations to the game by having the second person sing a song with similar sentiments to switch things up. 

13. Alphabet 

The objective of the game is to find words thought of by the other person and encrypted into clues. They can use billboards, license plates, signs, and other such instruments to encrypt the words. 

14. Compliment

If you think you do not appreciate your partner enough or just want to find creative ways to compliment them, this is an incredible game. But the catch is that each complement has to be in alphabetical order. 

15. My ass is 

A little on the dirty side of things, but if you are up for it, go for it. It’s more childish than dirty, to be frank, and the game follows the regular alphabetical order format. So, the idea is that your partner starts off by saying my ass is and adds a word to describe it that starts with an A, then you follow up by describing it using a word that starts with a B and so on. 

Decipher license plates 

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Another 10 great Road Trip Games for Couples:

16. Kiss, marry, kill 

The classic is also a great way to find out your partner’s standards for their significant other. The game is rather simple; one of you goes first by naming three celebrities. If you are directing it at your boyfriend, then name three females and vice versa. Your partner then has to decide which of the three he would like to kiss, marry, and kill without repeating either of the options. 

17. Naming game

This is similar to the Atlas game except with the names of people. Obviously, you can have variations to the game, like naming only football players, or celebrities, and so on, or even generic male and female names. The idea is that one of you names a person, and then you have to name someone starting with the ending letter of the previous name. Example; Norm Macdonald, Donald Trump. 

18. Guess who 

Again, another easy-to-play game that requires you to ask questions to uncover the person your partner is thinking of. Obviously, the game starts with you picking a name, and then your partner can ask a series of questions (you can set a limit if you like) to derive the name. There are variations to the game where you can do movie names, game names, and so on. 

Road Trip - Guess Who?
Road Trip – Guess Who?

19. Two Truths and a Lie 

Yet another classic game that many have played, especially couples. The concept is simple, you state three sentences to your partner as facts, but remember that two of these statements about you have to be truths and the other a lie, then your partner has to guess which statement is false. This game is a truly great way of getting to know some interesting things about your partner. 

20. Would you rather 

There are obviously tons of variations to the game, but the skeleton remains the same. These questions can be as extreme as you like. The primary goal of the game is to spark conversation because there is no way you agree on everything. 

21 . This or that 

Quite literally the easier version of the “would you rather” game. How is it easier? Well, in this game, you simply have to choose between simple things like car brands, food brands, and so on. Obviously, you can have your own variations of the game. 

22. Finish it 

The game is rather simple; one of you would start a random sentence, it can be completely isolated from your personal life or included, depending on your preference. Then once you start off a sentence, the other person simply adds to the sentence whatever they want. The sentence should make sense and should be relevant.  

Road Trip Games for Couples
Road Trip Games for Couples

23. Never have I ever

Another classic game mostly played by people who like each other. The game starts off with one of you stating something that they did or didn’t, and if you did do that, you drink it. You can obviously add your own version of what to do if someone did do what was mentioned. 

24. Trivia 

Similar to the 10 questions game, one of you chooses a famous person and gives out some random facts about them; your objective is to rightly guess the famous person. You can make it even more interesting by adding many other people to the list to spice things up. 

25. Guess the song 

The name of the game is quite literally in it, one of you plays a snippet of a song, and the other one has to guess the name of the song. This is best played if you have a phone with instrumentals. 

26. Don’t Yes or No 

This is a rather fun game to play with your partner as it can open a door for extensive conversations. You start off by asking them a question, and their response has to be another question. If either of you fails to articulate another relevant question or if you answer with a yes or a no, you lose. 

27. Hearts

In Hearts, the objective requires a mix of strategy and luck. Strategically play your cards, avoiding hearts and the dreaded Queen of Spades, while aiming to collect as few points as possible. Engage in thrilling multiplayer matches with your partner, where every decision counts, and experience the joy of outwitting them to become the Hearts winner!

28. Cribbage

The fast-paced game offers couples a perfect blend of strategic gameplay and shared enjoyment. With its easy-to-learn rules and interactive nature, couples can engage in friendly competition. The objective of Cribbage is to score 121 points through a series of card combinations; the online version offers the game in easy, standard, and pro modes.

29. Solitaire

While traditionally viewed as a single player game, this mathematical puzzle can be just as enjoyed if not more by solving it with your partner. Solitaire Bliss offers the card game in its traditional format as well as several of its variants including Freecell and Pyramid.

Road Trip Games for Couples: Conclusions 

And there you have it; these are 25 of the most amazing, engaging, and fun road trip games you can play with your significant other. Granted, a lot of the aforementioned games are just random road trip games, and they work for anyone, including couples. 

All in all, these games are just a few off a very long list and are among the most indulging and engaging games out there. These games are definitely going to allow you to dive deeper into your partner’s personal life and to get to know them better, all while adding in laughs and good vibes. Because, like any escape room/mystery room, to escape from the boredom that follows long road trips, it is best to distract yourself with some fun, one-on-one interactive games with your partner. 


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