Travel Apps For The International Traveler | Best 11 App Of 2019

The best travel review and recommendations sites ARE NOT Tripadvisor and

Get here the full resource list of the best travel apps connecting you to locals, recommending where to eat, where to go, where to party and where to meet local singles.

Stay away from the big commercial websites and make travelling your own. Own your travel experience!



Are reviews in recommendation platforms like Tripadvisor and reliable?

Is this the right way to determine where you will sleep, what you will see and what you will experience as a tourist?

This is a major question to be asked – is this the authentic information you really want when traveling?

When visiting a new place you have one-shot to make the right choice and enjoy the experience. You will not come back soon or at all to this specific location!

The internet is a strange place – 99% of the users use 1% of the websites.

This creates a monopoly of the information with only few websites in the travel industry – Tripadvisor (145,000,000 visits per month – only (448,000,000 visits per month) and includes CNN travel (568,000,000 visits per month).

Tripadvisor and are the most common places to read reviews and get information about hotels, tours, and attractions.

Is this information right for me, authentic and non-commercial?

It is hard to answer this in an easy way. Will try to give a few pointers in a nut-shell:

  1. Is it for me? – Different people have different views and ideas about what is the most interesting and enjoyable travel experience for them. So just make sure when you read a review, that the reviewer has similar objectives and interests as yourself.
  2. Commercial – The platforms are open for anyone to review and you need to take into consideration that the attractions, hotels and airlines are also active to write reviews and influence the review score.
TripAdvisor East-Side gallery – Berlin. Users reviews and paid option for tours
Source: TripAdvisor East-Side gallery – Berlin. Users reviews and paid option for tours. - Personal recommendation for art attractions in Berlin
Source: – Personal recommendation for art attractions in Berlin


A startup travel meeting app -
Source: – You can choose a personal guide/advisor according to interest and expertise.

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Get Updates from Locals and Travelers with the best international travel apps

Well, I think it will be hard to ignore the big websites. We gravitate toward them, because they have their ways making us being loyal visitors.
But if you want a holiday experience of your own, that you own, you will have to do much more research and use the latest travel apps to help you.

Get your hands on information not available in guides and which will allow you to discover the secrets of a destination and receive reliable information from locals and travelers. Experience a new culture and minimize risks during your travels.

In my view, this is the reason you need more reliable, accurate and authentic information that the huge commercial platforms don’t have. The only way to do that is to get local updated information.

Here are the best apps that make this happen:

  1. Local Guides and events – 5 best travel apps – – This website connects you with locals to discover their personal recommendations of the city. You will find useful advice and can connect with locals for a direct exchange. The big advantage of the platform is that you can choose a personal guide of your liking, meaning that if you are into culinary you can a find a local specialist. – The app gives you a good overview of events taking place in the destination you visit and connects you to locals according to interests. In comparison to TripAdvisor, it easier to source out the information per interest and find the local person that will give you authentic insights.

A leading travel meeting app -
Source: – Look for events and attractions per interest.


Party with a Local – This app brings you together with locals and travelers that are looking for adventurous nightlife and parties. So if you are on the look for a good time, find like-minded people in this community of more than 100,000 users in 150 countries. - Meet like minded travelers and discover new cities together
Source: – Meet like-minded travelers and discover new cities together


With Locals – With Locals does exactly what the name says. It connects you with locals and help plan the travel experience you’re looking for – from culinary to art, music and even attending workshops. You can also book private tours from the app.

With Locals
Source: – Choose from a wide option of possibilities.


Vayable – The app puts lots of effort to find the best local guides. They test their expertise to make sure travelers get unique and high-quality experience. There is a great variety of choice of different topics in hundreds of cities.

Source: – Get inspired by their ideas.


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  1. Local Food – Best Food Apps – – Another and tastier way to meet people is by booking a place at the dinner table and dining with a local host, and eating delicious food with travelers. You get to eat traditional home-cooked food and hear the story of its origin. In some cases, there are also chefs hosting dinners at their house so you get to have upscale home-cooked food.

TravelingSpoon – This app has a large base of local hosts mainly in Asia and Japan. Like eatwith, you can book a dinner and/or a cooking class with local people that will host you at their home. So you can taste and also learn a few tricks of Asian cooking.

TravelingSpoon - Best travel food app when travelling in Asia
  1. Meet and get know singles when traveling – The best 4 meeting and dating travel apps

BUMBLE BFF – This app makes meeting people in any city, easy. You can connect and chat with locals on the app and also choose to meet them personally. All you need to do is create your profile in order to make yourself visible to the community.

MISS TRAVEL – A veteran US platform that helps connect singles while traveling. Create your profile and contact any person you might be interested in. Note: This connecting platform is only available as a website now.

Meeting and dating app -

TOURBAR – Looking for a travel buddy form your home? This app can link you to like-minded people from your home city. It can also be used to get in touch with locals and singles of similar interests at your end destination.


SKOUT – Skout in comparison to the other apps and websites already has a big user base of more than 1.5 million. So the app can connect you with many partners for joint travel experience and romance.

Dating and meeting travel app: - connecting people, friendship and romance
Source: – Connecting people – friendship and romance.

22 Responses

  1. It really ok working with most of these apps as they make life easy during a journey or tour, I do recommend TripAdvisor too

  2. Working out with some of these apps is cool and will aid and give room for a better travel experience , I recommend TripAdvisor

  3. Good to know these best travel apps I like to use – since it gives a good overview of events taking place in the destination one is visiting and connects one to locals according to one’s interests.

  4. It is really important to check those websites that gives you authentic and real experience review. It’s very hard to visit a place with too much expectation and just having a normal on hand experience. Read, explore and compare reviews.

  5. For me I tend to read a lot on travel blog. I always find that they have detailed information that’s well detailed and informative.

  6. These are definitely the best travel dating app. The fact that they give you a platform to chat with locals and meet them at your pleasure is amazing.

  7. This travel apps are awesome..I never knew something like this exist..getting firsthand information from the locals will make ones trip easier and enjoyable.. Thanks a bunch for this information

  8. Travel apps are the game changers in this times,reading travel blogs provides opportunity for one tyo know about their desired destinations and plan ahead.

  9. Didn’t know about most of these travel apps. Will be trying most of them out to see which will suit my taste better Thanks for the information.

  10. These 5 best travel apps are so new to me. I will try 1 or 2 out before finally choosing the right one for me. Just learned something new.

  11. The travel apps covered here are the 5 best travel apps in my opinion. I have used most of them and I was very impressed.

  12. Your recommendations are among the best travel apps 2018. Many thanks for making this information available to us 🙂

  13. I’m in love with the travel apps you recommend in this article. Very well researched and informative!

  14. I do not normally use travel apps to tell me where I am going, However, it is a trend now as everything is digital. With that said I usually follow suggestions of friends or google for this.

  15. Thanks for listing all the best travel apps in this article. Each one definitely caters to different individuals and their unique preferences. I will for sure forward this piece along, if I find someone in need of travel assistance.

  16. It is awesome for travellers to get information on travel apps in one place. It will help many to get precise information which might help them to plan accordingly.

  17. I had used TravelingSpoon app and it’s great. My friends and I always want travel with a good food accommodation.

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